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4 Comments 24 May 2010


Hi. I wanted to show you the impressive, huge pavilion area that the NFCA organized for all of the gluten-free vendors. See the big sign in hanging? There are about thirty vendors involved. Here are a few photos.


These ladies are professional taste testers for companies developing new products. Interesting business, eh? And they do nutritional analysis.


The San J ladies couldn't be nicer!


And look at their new to-go packs! Whoo Hooo!

And here is Rudi's Bakery…


…not to be confused with Udi's bakery!


And here is Gluten-Free Fabulous re-branded as Simply Shari's.


I think their savory rounds are SO cute!

And I know freeze dried soup doesn't sound very appetizing, but everyone said it tasted great and think about how handy this would come in for traveling, hospitals, survival packs.

Everyone is freaking out over the arepas!

And here are my friends, Kettle Cuisine!

Ok, gotta run down to the expo floor now and attempt to help out, but I have a lot more photos to share later. Oh, and I'll report on the amazing panel yesterday and I have a fun story about meeting Chef Spike from Top Chef!



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  1. 1
    Kat says:

    Gluten-free Tamari travel packs?? I need some! That would have been so helpful during my trip to China. I didn’t trust having the soy sauce there, but if I brought my own at least cooking with relatives would have been a lot easier.

  2. 2
    Allie says:

    this seriously looks like heaven! i should have gone! Grr… hopefully they’ll do this again?

    Who made those little arepas? Was it a recipe or something to buy? I LOVE arepas.


  3. 3

    Very Informative Post. You made some good points. I especially liked it. Keep up the good work.

    with regards

  4. 4
    Gluten Free says:

    My cousin is on a gluten free diet, would you be able to recommend a good store bought brand name? I want to do a review on it for my blog.

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