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Inspirational Food Movie Monday: Lorenzo’s Oil

3 Comments 23 July 2012

Happy Monday!

For several weeks I’m going to be posting inspirational movies that relate to food in some way. I figured suggesting them early in the week on Monday would allow for you to order one to arrive by the weekend, if you wanted to watch one.

This week’s movie is going waaaay back to 1992. Did you see Lorenzo’s Oil? It’s based on a true story. Susan Sarandon is in it…and unfortunately, Nick Nolte with a really fake accent. No worries, it’s still an amazing story…Roger Ebert gave it four stars.

This movie was the first time I was introduced to medium chain fatty acids. In the 90’s I watched this movie on VHS with Ann Cox, my friend’s cool mom. (Hi, Ann! ;)) Funny how you remember stuff like that, huh?

At the time I watched it strictly for entertainment purposes….and at the time I probably didn’t know all of my health issues were related to food.

I love movies and/or stories where people don’t take “no” for an answer and educate themselves in order to find a solution.

Don’t you?

Here’s the trailer:

If you watch this movie, or if you have already seen it, please post a comment and tell us all what you thought about it.

Did it inspire you?

And do you have any food related movies that you love or have inspired you or educated you in some way?



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3 Comments so far

  1. 1
    Crystal says:

    Um… Three words: Fork Over Knives!

  2. 2
    Susan says:

    Tortilla Soup. Nothing to do with Celiac Disease but integrates love and family all in food preparation. My family has a vegetable dish that is only made at holidays and the recipe is only passed on to DNA related relatives. We critique each others version of this dish and acknowledges when the flavors hit the closest to the original recipe. Tortilla Soup reminds me of our family.

  3. 3
    Paul says:

    great idea! 2 personal food-film faves unrelated to celiac or health-issues (other than ‘good for the soul’) are: Tampopo (1985) and Babette’s Feast (1987)

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