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LiV: Gluten-Free Vodka

5 Comments 05 July 2013

original_big_bottleDid you know that Long Island has a potato vodka distillery?


Nestled among wineries along the famous wine trail of the North Fork lies Long Island Spirits Craft Distillery in Baiting Hollow. LiV, short for Long Island Vodka, is hand crafted and traditionally made with locally sourced potatoes.

I love the new term “farm-to-bottle” the makers of LiV use to describe their process.

Technically, the end result of even grain based alcohol is gluten-free after distillation, but there are some of us (myself included) that seem to have some sort of reaction to grain alcohol. I don’t have an answer as to why, I just know that I can’t drink grain alcohol. This is why I’ve become well acquainted with different spirits that are not derived from grain, and as it turns out, potato vodka is well respected among vodka connoisseurs. So, remember, instead of looking like you’re high maintenance when ordering a drink, you’ll really just look like a booze snob when you inquire about grain-free vodkas! 😉

How LiV Gluten-Free Vodka is made…

As you can see, LiV is a premium, award winning vodka without the premium price!

LiV Lemonade Recipe

Serves 1
1 shot of LiV gluten-free potato vodka
3/4 c. lemonade
Splash of seltzer water
Shake with ice or pour over ice cubes
Optional: garnish with a sprig of mint


This post was not sponsored by LiV, but I am proud to be working with them at specific tastings. You can come and try LiV today.

Pop’s Liquors
Friday 7/5 4pm-7pm
256 Long Beach Rd.
Island Park, NY

Come and say hi!

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    Also – although I don’t know if they are certified GF. But I know I love their vodka and it doesn’t make me feel sick in the least afterwards.

  2. 2
    Montrealer says:

    I am surprised to hear some people don’t feel well after drinking distilled grain based alcohol. I am lucky I can drink scotch and rum is not grained based. There is a study out of Sweden saying some regular beers have such a low percentage of gluten that it is safe to drink in small quantities like 2 or 3 a day. Has anyone heard of this? Although the beers tested were European and none from the US or Canada. Based on this study it is felt Corona would fit. That is what is going around the net. Any comments? FYI Two weeks ago in Montreal I had a poured beer from a tap at a bar for the first time in 20 years. It was made from a company called Glutenberg and the version was American Pale Ale 5.5% alcohol. It was fantastic and gluten-free! I hear it is now available in New England.

  3. 3
    cynthia tedesco says:

    Whoa! FANTASTIC! Our summers are so hot & humid lately that knowing a local potato vodka drink is a possible dinner alternative to wine is wonderful!


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