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Gluten-Free Costa Rica: Welcome Drink Recipe

9 Comments 01 July 2014

Gluten-Free Costa Rica Welcome DrinkEnjoy your Welcome Drink and the view at Arenas del Mar*

While I was consulting at Arenas del Mar, I got their Welcome Drink recipe for you! It may vary depending on the mood of the bartender and the fresh fruit available.

Arenas del Mar Welcome Drink Recipe


1 oz Rum
150 g pineapple
150 g coconut cream
2 tlbs mint leaves
1 cup of ice

Add all of the ingredients to blender, mix until blended.
Garnish with mint leaf


Note: Best with fresh ingredients, even better with fruit grown in Costa Rica 😉


*Is it weird I kept my earth-friendly bamboo straws as souvenirs?

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9 Comments so far

  1. 1

    Oh yes I can almost smell the fresh sea air and feel my skin tanning!

  2. 2
    gerrie says:

    is rum safe for someone who is corn intolerant?

      Kelly says:


      Yes!!! Plain rum should be made from just sugar cane! Watch out for caramel colorings (from corn) though. Clear rum is safe!

  3. 3
    terri says:

    I just visited five star burgers in Albuquerque, NM. Oh my goodness! The best GF burger ever! A MUST
    if you are ever passing through.

  4. 4
    johnberk says:

    Mmmm, it looks so tasty and the coconut cream must be a great secret ingredient in it. I hope we will get more of these tropical cocktails in Toronto as well.

    I have recently came back from Nicaragua, where I was enjoying their rum as well. To be honest, their rum is higher quality, but Nicas are not very good at preparing cocktails, so we rather stuck to their Nica Libre, which is quite simple to prepare. Nevertheless, they have plenty of batidos (smoothies) options, so I could drink non-alcoholic and healthy stuff at least.

  5. 5
  6. 6
    James says:

    Did you know those straws are made by an old employee of the Cayuga Collection? His straw business is now so big that they supply all of the Cayuga properties and he runs it full time. 🙂

  7. 7
    Kim Smith says:

    This made my day! We were there in June and loved this drink. I hope it will take me back to that great place.

  8. 8

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