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When Celiac Chicks first took off in 2003, a fun surprise was realizing that this blog was not only helping people with celiac disease to find good gluten-free food, but we were helping the business owners that were feeding us to thrive!

Talk about a win/win situation! 🙂

I’ll never forget the time a gluten-free bakery owner in Brooklyn called me up in amazement to tell me he had customers from London and Australia visit his bakery after reading about it here!

And over the years I’ve been able to consult with many business owners,taught them how to improve their products or menus, and shared with them the best ways to market to their best customers.

The sad truth is, a lot of really great gluten-free businesses don’t make it. They know how to create a great gluten-free product, experience, or book, but they don’t know how to market it effectively.

So, listen up if you have a…

gluten-free blog

gluten-free restaurant

gluten-free product

gluten-free book

And watch these free business training videos from Marie Forleo.


Marie is one of the leading business coaches out there, and she has worked with notable success icons like Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson, and was recently interviewed by Oprah.

And I personally can attest to the benefits of working with her.

You see, in 2010 I paid to work with Marie in order to learn from her as a business coach. I’d never ever ever hired a coach before in my life!

I was excited and at the same time sort of scared I had been bamboozled, but figured it was similar to the personal trainer I hired at the gym the year before. There were clear physical and mental benefits from investing in myself like that. I thought that maybe investing in a coach would have a similar effect on my business.

Well, if you were hangin’ around here in 2010 you may remember that I gave the blog a professional makeover, and by the end of 2010 I was invited to a luxury ski resort in Vail, Colorado for my skills as a consultant, gluten-free food reviewer and food photographer!!!

And shortly after that trip, I was flown to Barcelona, Spain as a gluten-free food marketing consultant!!

All of this took place while I was applying what I learned from Marie Forleo.

Since then, I’ve been to one of her stellar live events and I also went through her online program called B-School (short for Business School). I didn’t realize it’s a lifetime membership when I bought into it, but I’m not complaining! So, as a B-school graduate I am honored to be an affiliate of her upcoming annual B-School program.

These free training videos are to celebrate the annual occurrence of  her B-School program. There’s a lot of powerful information in these alone.

Take advantage of this free training! 

This chick will make you up your game, and the non-sleazy online marketing principles she has to teach could make the difference in your gluten-free business project becoming a bomb or a run-a-way success!


PS: If you’d like to help more gluten-free businesses to thrive, please share this information with them. Thx!


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