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5 Comments 25 May 2010


Daiya [pronounced day-yuh] vegan cheese displayed with Sandwich Petals gluten-free wraps. They sampled little quesadillas. Above is their fancy pants screen display.



The Grainless Baker was there with their gluten-free hamburger buns and cream puffs, along with Goldbaum's gluten-free ice cream cones.


Three Senses Gourmet was a very popular booth with their warm out of the oven gluten-free chocolate souffle. These come frozen in a container that they are baked in that reduces the risk of cross contamination. Very smart!


Have you tried Crunchmaster gltuen-free crackers? Mmm…just the smell of the sesame seeds is nice. I saw a lot of tasters comment on how much they liked them.

Cherrybrook Kitchen and Bob's Red Mill


Thanks to Shabtai Gourmet I ate waaay too many gluten-free ding dongs!


Dr. Ritu Verma of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and Chef Coppedge from the CIA did a cooking demo together.


Saturday night I went to dinner with the NFCA ladies, Kristin and Whitney. Aren't they cute?!!! They are super fun too.


We went to Roy's and checked out their gluten-free menu. It was fantastic! My photos didn't do the entrees justice…

…but here is a photo of our gluten-free flourless chocolate cake dessert. If you are ever in Chicago, definitely make a stop at Roy's. Great atmosphere, super pleasant and accommodating waitstaff, and delicious food.

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  1. 1
    jenn p says:

    so many awesome products and companies! i’m gluten free and living in chicago. i haven’t found many restaurants that can successfully cater to my diet. thanks for the tip about roy’s, it might be where i go for my birthday dinner next month. last year i went to a place downtown that had a gluten free menu and ended up looking 4 months pregnant before i even got to dessert! it put a damper on the rest of my birthday celebration. can you point me towards resources for eating out? i haven’t had much luck in the last 4 years…

  2. 2
    megan says:

    Dr. Verma is my daughters doctor, she is great so far!! We go for nutrition classes next week. She is only 4 but she making the transition so far just fine. I just need to find the best tasting sandwich bread out there any suggestions?

  3. 3

    Great!! YUMMY!! What a very delicious food!! Hmm YUm YUM!

  4. 4
    heidi says:

    I have only just skimmed the post and will go back and read it more thoroughly. That is absolutely jaw-dropping. Unbelievable presentation. Thanks for reporting. Heidi

  5. 5
    Amy says:

    Wow, everything looks fantastic! And thanks for the tip on Roy’s. I’ve never heard of it, but am in Chicago often. I will definitely try it out next time I’m up there!

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