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Bone Health Rescue

1 Comment 22 May 2014

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Are you bad to the bone? heh heh

You might be, if you aren’t making sure your bones are getting everything they need to keep you strong. No worries though, CeliVites* has launched a new product specially formulated to restore your bones to their optimal health!

What makes CeliVites Bone Health special?

Balanced proportions of minerals including potassium, magnesium and two forms of calcium: easy-to-absorb calcium citrate and Aquamin®, a highly absorbable plant-based form of calcium. A daily dose of Bone Health also contains 250% of the daily value of vitamin D, which is essential for calcium absorption.

Gluten Free Therapeutics Inc  the makers of CeliVites Bone Health for   _Page_5 Did you see that 98% of U.S. adults don’t ingest enough potassium, necessary for building strong bones?

And those of us with gluten issues may have some bone rebuilding to do after years of not being able to absorb calcium and nutrients very well.

Don’t forget that our bones also store calcium and help to manage levels of calcium in the bloodstream. The good news is that moving forward we can improve our bone health now by making sure we are getting all of the nutrients we need.

Really, everyone, celiac disease patient or not, should be interested in protecting their bone health.

I’ve been getting  acquainted with the team at CeliVites, and I’d just like to thank them for creating such quality products for us all to take. These people really have taken great care to share products that can improve our quality of life and longevity. I get warm fuzzies when I get to know people like this, and I feel confident knowing that they are behind the products I trust and want to share with you.

That said, please, let’s all do our part to retire that b-b-b-bad to the bone song for good! 😉

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    Jill Skinner says:

    How do I find out what the ingredients include. I have multiple intolerances and need to see the entire lable.

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