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Barcelona Pictures: Condes De Barcelona Hotel

23 Comments 06 January 2012

Bat Motif Barcelona Hotel
Bat motif outside our balcony at the Condes De Barcelona Hotel

This is the second installment of  the post titled Gluten-Free Croissants: Dream The Impossible Gluten-Free Dream.

Jasmine and I stayed at the Condes De Barcelona Hotel on the popular Passeig de Gracia; the Catalan equivalent of 5th Avenue in NYC.

Barcelona Hotel
Our room was the top right window. Oh look, Tous and Rolex are nearby! How handy! (Note: If you click on one of the photos within any blog post here it will turn into a slide show.)
Barcelona Condes Hotel Door Handle
Barcelona Condes Hotel Door Handle

There’s eye candy everywhere in Barcelona!! Well, yeah, but what I’m talking about right now is architecture and design! [wink] 

Barcelona Condes Hotel Concierge Desk
Barcelona Condes Hotel Concierge Desk

The Barcelona Condes Hotel used to be two old palaces! I love how they mixed modern design with the old architecture. Somehow it works!

Barcelona Condes Hotel Lobby
Barcelona Condes Hotel Lobby
Barcelona Hotel Staircase
Condes De Barcelona Hotel Staircase

I took this staircase to our room instead of the elevator. See the dark square thing in the right corner? It’s a little velvet seat for you to rest if you get tired.

Barcelona Condes Hotel Staircase Looking Up
Barcelona Condes Hotel Staircase Looking Up. I wonder who used to live here?
Barcelona Condes Hotel Balcony View
Our balcony had dragons on it!
Barcelona Condes Hotel Balcony View Dragons
Barcelona Condes Hotel Balcony Dragon
I love this little guy!
Barcelona Hotel Balcony
Barcelona Hotel Balcony View

The balcony was more interesting than our room, which was very plain, but comfortable. I didn’t even take a photo…too boring!

Barcelona Condes Hotel View Of La Pedrera
Guadi’s La Pedrera was conveniently located on the corner.
Barcelona La Pedrera Exterior
  Here’s a better view of the La Pedrera Exterior 
Barcelona Street Tiles
Even the street tiles are decorated here!
Barcelona Street Tile Chocolate
Ah! I can’t stand it! At the hotel restaurant Loidi they gave me a chocolate that looked like the street tiles!
Barcelona Casa Batllo
And Gaudi’s Casa Batllo was a few doors down
Barcelona Bar Tapas Restaurant
This place was right across the street and I ate there almost every morning. Fresh squeezed orange juice, jamon and tortilla de patata. Sometimes I’d mix it up and get patatas bravas instead. That’s roasted potatoes with a garlicky aioli on top. mmmm
Barcelona Jamon
Remember: it is less expensive to sit at the bar below the jamon.

Stay tuned until next Friday for my lunch at the famous Cal Pep!

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23 Comments so far

  1. 1
    Shelli says:

    NICE! I especially love the chocolate that replicates the tiles outside on the street! Ha!

  2. 2
    Gina says:

    Looks like a great trip! I went to Barcelona around Christmas time as well, and it was a magical little city. Loved your pictures. Thanks for sharing 🙂

      Kelly says:

      It was a fantastic trip! I even went back a 2nd time love it so much! Happy to share and glad you enjoyed the photos! 😉

  3. 3
    Hilary says:

    Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing! I’m planning to go to Barcelona later this year. Do you have any recommendations for good places that can accomodate Celiacs? Thanks!!

      Kelly says:

      Hilary…thx glad you enjoyed the photos! You’ll have a fab time and YES…in some upcoming posts (every Friday I’ll share more about my Spain and Italy adventures) I’ll share some specific places I ate and typical foods that are naturally gluten-free. So excited for you to go!!

  4. 4
    Dianne says:

    Thanks for sharing and for the chocolate craving (chocolate tile, yum). lol
    I’ll go make myself an almond milk, hot chocolate with cayenne, vanilla, cinammon & cardomon and a dollop of honey. Now maybe you are craving a hot chocolate! lol

      Kelly says:

      Dianne…hahah sorry about setting off the chocolate craving…sounds like you took care of it in a good way!

  5. 5
    Dianne says:

    Oops, forgot to mention your pics are beautiful!

  6. 6
    Nina Salanitro says:

    Beautiful Pictures Kelly!! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  7. 7
    Gloria says:

    Beautiful photos, I hope that you had a good time.

      Kelly says:

      Nina & Gloria…so glad you enjoyed the photos! Thanks for the props! Those were just with my little handy Canon Elph. I think it is hard to take a bad photo of such amazing architecture!

  8. 8
    Bil says:

    Thanks Have wanted to journey to spain for so long and now that you have again pioneered a path for us celiac’s i will fulfill a destination goal for certain!!!!
    you rock!

      Kelly says:

      Bil! I’m thrilled to know I inspired you to make a Spain trip happen! Do it do it do it! Rock on, my brothah!

  9. 9
    Doris Roane says:

    Loved seeing your pictures of Barcelona. Have been to Spain, but not there. Would love to go after seeing your pics.

  10. 10
    Doris Roane says:

    Great pictures. Want to go there!

  11. 11
    Chris says:

    We stayed at this same hotel in July-Seeing your pictures was a great reminder of how wonderful our trip was-Loved Spain! However found it hard to find gluten free food!

      Kelly says:

      Chris!! Get out!!! No way!! You stayed at the same hotel?!! So small world cool! Love it! Glad you had a fab time! Sorry you had a hard time finding sustenance…too bad…a lot of Spanish food is naturally gluten-free. I did have the advantage of having locals help me find it and communicate, though. Next time make a stop at Il Corte Ingles store in city …they are everywhere…and they have great gluten-free sections.

  12. 12
    Jane Nielsen says:

    Looks like a really wonderful place to stay. It must be too expensive though x)

  13. 13
    Mariely says:

    Last year I lived in BCN and I learned about my intolerance to gluten in Oct. in the US. I went to BCN this Winter and I was blown away. People are so well-informed about GF options, and there is so much variety (the GF muffins, the croissants!!). I even called a restaurant and when I arrived they served me GF bread with tomato (pan con tomate is a classic Catalan dish). In most restsurants I could eat (almost) every option on the menu. If you are in BCN, I recommend most restaurants around Fortuny street as it is an area full of “natural” options.


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