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Easy Gluten-Free Breakfast


Easy Gluten-Free Breakfast

5 Comments 19 November 2012

Now that the weather is cold, my new favorite hot breakfast is amaranth with coconut nectar. Mmmm… It’s super easy to make. Here’s a loose recipe of how I like to cook amaranth cereal. HOT AMARANTH CEREAL Cooking amaranth is a lot like cooking rice when using the traditional absorption method. Measure out the amount […]

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Have You Tried Amaranth?

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Have You Tried Amaranth?

7 Comments 13 November 2012

Have you tried amaranth yet? It’s a fun little gluten-free grain. I’m absolutely in love with it! I love it as a hot cereal. It kind of reminds me of Cream of Rice or Cream of Wheat. It’s pretty neutral tasting. AND…it’s full of nutrients! I like to soak it overnight, or rinse it before […]

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Kelly Courson


Thanks for stopping by! I'm Kelly Courson and this is where I've shared my gluten-free finds since 2003. The world has been my gluten-free oyster for 14 years now and I love sharing what I've learned in order to help others adapt to a gluten-free diet. Have a look around and feel free to leave a comment. Connecting with people like you is what has kept me going this long! Seriously.

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