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270 Bleecker Street
between 6th & 7th Avenue
(212) 924-6664


Risotto is rice with muscle.  A thicker grain that cooks up creamy, satisfies the taste buds and fills the belly.  At Risotteria, the selection of Risotto types and styles of preparation are virtually endless!  We found them from GFRAP’s list of restaurants and were looking forward to experiencing Risotteria’s GF labeled menu.  The menu got that way after a GFRAP representative convinced the owner that it would be an easy and worthwhile adjustment.  So, he made the change and has been serving a steady stream of happy and confident Celiac diners ever since!  There’s just something SO comforting about a GF-flagged menu.


We sat down, reviewed the menu and soon realized that it was going to be super hard to pick only two dishes.  Risotteria offers 3 types of risotto and about 14-18 styles of each.  Kelly’s corn and dairy allergies narrowed it down a little, but not enough to make it any easier to decide.  Our waitress, Ksenia, was very cool and helpful, answering extra questions about ingredients and the differences between the risottos.  I found this interesting article that helped me further understand the differences and popular uses for each type of rice.  The mysterious owner, who explained how his restaurant idea was inspired by a trip to Italy where he got to see traditional risotto creations prepared, told us that each dish is made to order, with fresh ingredients added right then and there.

Made fresh while you wait.



We started with a Romaine salad topped with Shiitake mushrooms, warm beets, onions, and truffle oil.  So fresh and crisp, it was such a terrific combination of flavors … we inhaled it.  And then the risotto.  Kelly decided on the Vialone Nano Risotto topped with roasted garlic, arugula, and oven dried tomato and I picked the Carnaroli Risotto with Italian sausage and braised flat leaf spinach.  Again, the flavors combined perfectly and the freshness of the ingredients made our taste buds stand up and cheer!

Risotteria.endshot.jpg  Risotteria is the perfect place to end up during a day with out-of-towners being that it’s in the heart of Greenwich Village … it’s casual and friendly.  A large Panini sandwich selection is available for the gluten consumers in your group.  They stock GF beer from the Ramapo Valley Brewery and the owner told us that he’s looking into carrying GF desserts.  So, go and experience Risotteria … for the “real” risotto and a worry free restaurant outing.

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  1. 1
    Tamara Molina says:

    Hey ladies…I AM SURE you have been here, however I just experienced a Celiac Friendly restaurant in NYC. GUS’ PLACE in the village. I LOVED IT!!! The owner “Gus” ctually came out and sat with us and even sent over a free glass of wine. Everthing was exceptional. From the food, the atmosphere, the staff…If you have not been there…go!

  2. 2
    Kari says:

    I enjoy your website. It sometimes makes me LOL. I read a recipe for granola bars on your site and have been fervently looking for the ingredients. I haven’t been able to locate “Rice Bran.” Can you describe what I should be looking for, e.g., is it in with baking supplies, is it a mix of some sort, is it in a bag or jar? Thank you for any information you can give me!

  3. 3
    Kelly says:

    Thanks ladies for your compliments!

    Tamara- We JUST experienced Gus’ Place and we loved it too! Look for a write up on it soon!

    Kari- Rice Bran can usually be found in your local health food store. I bought the Ener-G brand and it came in a box and was near the rice flour…usually in the baking section. If you have any problem finding it locally you should have no problem finding it online…feel free to contact us if further direction is needed. Enjoy the granola bars!

  4. 4
    Alan Olshan says:

    I finally ate risotto at Risotteria and it was fab. I wasn’t crazy about the pizza but they get an A for trying; I just don’t like substitutes for something I used to love. I finally figured out I had CD at age 51; I was diagnosed as an infant but my folks were told I would outgrow it, and I was probably in varying degrees of remission ever since, but it came back full force last November. Now, I know. Congrats on a fun site that takes some of the sting out of a lousy situation.

  5. 5
    Leslie says:

    After a recent breakup my ex and I got together for 1 last night on the town- how did I choose to spend it? you betcha- dragged him in stormy downpour to the Rissoteria for our last supper πŸ™‚ I got dibs on the selection….. shrimp risotto, a mozarella proscuito pizza and my first beer in 10 years…he said the grin on my face was priceless! It will be a memory I will cherish forever and now I know where to take my next victim πŸ™‚

  6. 6
    erica says:

    Just had my first taste of pizza after 5 years at Risotteria yesterday and I really enjoyed it! This was the closest I’ll ever come to “real” pizza and I have to admit it was pretty good! Even my non-gluten-free boyfriend thought it was good too. I will definately go back there for more. Thanks CeliacChicks for spreading the word about GF restaurants…..hopefully the list of restaurants will keep growing!!!!!!

  7. 7
    Erin says:

    I finally got to Risotteria last night with a friend and we both loved it. I ordered a gluten-free beer and a huge bowl of arugala, sun-dried tomato and garlic risotto. I was excited to order a “real” beer that I knew wouldn’t make me sick. Also, the risotto was absolutely delicious. My friend had the shiitake mushroom, gruyere cheese, and asparagus risotto which found equally as delicious. The entire menu is cleared marked with a “g” for every gluten-free dish. The waiter was very friendly and made sure to tell me that the gelato was not made by the staff at Risotteria, therefore he could not guarantee that it was gluten-free. At the end of the meal, the waiter asked me to fill out a GFRAP customer card which I happily commented on. I will definitely return to this restaurant.

  8. 8
    Anon says:

    Risotteria will be serving Gluten Free Panini made on homemade rice flour focaccia as of October 12!!!

  9. 9
    Lisa says:

    I have just returned from a trip to NYC with my 12 year old daughter who has celiac. Our first stop was the Risotteria and we came back twice for a grand total of 3 visits in 3 days. She really enjoyed the pizza and chocolate chip cookies. We loved the atmosphere and location. It was easy to get to by both taxi and subway. They serve until 11pm so we were even able to go after a Broadway show.

    Thanks to Celiac Chicks for the lead on this great place and a huge thanks to the Risotteria for everything.

    Atlanta (October, 2004)

  10. 10
    gail harrison says:

    My sister and I attended yesterday’s Patient Information Day at Columbia. While there we got to see your wonderful video and presentation. Thank you very much. But the best recommendation we got was Risotteria’s. We ended up going there for dinner last night with my niece and her roommate. What a wonderful experience! I got to eat pizza out (that was very delicious) and had a bottle of beer. Plus the risotta was great! Thanks again. Now, I’d like to know if there are any restaurants around the Radio City area that are gluten friendly. I’m going on a bus trip November 13 to see the Christmas show and would like to feel good about eating out. Thanks for any information anyone has that might help me. Gail

  11. 11
    Elizabeth says:

    I am a celiac and what I honestly miss the most is pizza. I was so happy to see the add for Risotteria it brought tears to my eyes. I know that sound silly but I am sure other celiacs understand where I am coming from. Thank you. Thank you.

  12. 12
    Lisa says:

    I just found this site through the Risotteria and am so excited to see all these comments about this place. We are going into the city on December 18 for a show and I can’t wait to have my first beer in 16 years! I was diagnosed at about age 20, so you can do the math. Anyway, pizza on a menu that is gluten-free is just about the most exciting thing that has happened to me in quite some time. I’ll be sure to post a review afterwards. Thanks for all the updates.

  13. 13
    Isabel says:

    Went with my friend, she had the risotto (and loved it) but, unfortunately I could only have the salad. Beware, dairy free celiacs! The dough for the bread and pizza has “milk flakes” in it, and the risotto all has “some butter” in it… Filled in a comment card…

    Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping they’ll get rid of those pesky milk flakes,


  14. 14
    Michal Aharony says:

    Hello Celiac Chicks and all other readers,

    I want to encourage you all to call
    Risotteria (212- 924-6664)

    and require about the Gluten Free brunch.

    A few weeks ago they advertised a great GF Brunch menu on Sundays, but nobody made any orders (except one person, which is me…), and they had to cancel it. So, maybe if many of us celiac people will call they will re-consider it. It was a little bit expensive ($25 per person) but I am sure it was worth it!

  15. 15
    Samantha says:

    I just went here this past weekend, and it was amazing! Just an Update – they are now serving GF Strawberry Shortcake. It was a little expensive for a slice of cake ($6 a slice), but it was nice sized and one of the most amazing things I’ve ever tasted.

  16. 16
    kelley dannaker says:

    Hi Kelly,
    I have an 8 yr old daughter who is also gluten and dairy intolerant. She also cannot have soy though. My question is, how do you get your calcium? It seems as thought she cannot tolerate the supplements we have tried and I wondered if you had found one that work for you?
    Thank you for your website-it has been a great help to us!

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