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Opus Opens With Gluten-Free Menu

6 Comments 08 October 2008

Wow! Whoever the Lentini brother’s use as a publicist is at the top of their game. Weeks ago we heard about it in New York magazine and on Eater. Yesterday Andrea Strong was humming to the tune of gluten-free while dishing about the opening today of their new restaurant, Opus, on her blog The Strong Buzz.  Then this morning there was a Daily Candy email waiting to tell me all about it.

Evidently, Opus has open arms for those with diet restrictions. This Upper East Side restaurant has a variety of gluten-free pastas, over a dozen gluten-free pizzas, and a delicious sounding panzerotti made from gluten-free dough imported from Italy! Entree prices range from $17-$20.

The reports make mention of equally yummy sounding take away items from the bar like gluten-free wafers, cookies and chocolate bars.

I personally can’t wait to try the house-made dairy-free rice and soy gelati!

1574 2nd Avenue (bet. 81st & 82nd Streets)
New York, NY
Open until 5am seven nights a week

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6 Comments so far

  1. 1
    Carol says:

    New Yorkers are so lucky to have all these great gluten free restaurants. In Vegas we only have one Italian restaurant that offers gluten free pasta. We still don’t have a restarant that offers gluten free pizza. Makes me want to go to New York for a visit.


  2. 2
    mick says:

    why don’t they have good GF Italian restaurants like
    Opus around southeast Mass ?

  3. 3
    CeliacChick says:

    Come visit, Carol! 🙂 You’ll go crazy eating all over town. It truly is amazing how this has blossomed over the years.

  4. 4
    Jessica says:

    Just wanted to let everyone in NYC know- i stopped by Opus this evening, and they only have gluten-free pasta for now- he said they’d have the pizzas and other things in a week or two, they wanted to get going with the menu that serves 80% of the clients, and then specialize… So don’t trek up to the UES without calling first to make sure they have the full menu ready! (the pastas did look good, but I was really craving the pizza, so I’ll head back in a few weeks).

  5. 5
    Lori Dragisics says:

    Just wanted to add a personal favorite of mine. Tesoro Ristorante, 967 Old Country Rd., Westbury, NY 11590, 516-334-0022. While Tesoro’s has not yet established a gluten free menu, they are sensitive and accomodating to the needs of Celiac sufferers. I have been a patron at Tesoro’s for many years and have always enjoyed their exquisite Italian cuisine. Since being diagnosed with Celiacs, the owners, Angelo & Tony, with the assistance of their wonderful chef, have gone out of their way to provide me with a delicious & gluten free meal. I have enjoyed fish, shelfish, beef, chicken, lamb and veal with vegetables, rice or risotto. However, for certain dishes served with brown or white gravy, it is necessary to call a few days in advance. I wholeheartedly recommend this restaurant for both it’s fabulous cuisine and it’s wonderful ambiance. Currently, they have only had requests for gluten free meals from myself and one other patron, but perhaps with a little more interest, they will be inclined to carry a daily gluten free menu to include pasta. I encourage all Celiac sufferers in the neighborhood who enjoy Italian food to come to Tesoro’s for lunch or dinner. Ask for Angelo or Tony and of course, my favorite waiter, Al, they will be happy to accomodate you. Tell them Lori sent you. Enjoy!

  6. 6
    Doug Hertford says:

    I went to Opus for the 2nd time last night (Oct 15) since its opening 2 weeks ago. Chef/Owner Guiseppe Lentini and his host brother Enzo do things right. Great food, nice ambiance and most staff appear to good knowledge of what Gluten really is. What I have had so far has been great, including GF Ricotta Cheesecake. Bad news is they are still young and have some kinks to work out; i.e., the first thing I ever ordered this was Calamari and it came out deep fried in regular flour. Also despite all the hype about GF pizza it isn’t coming anytime soon. The chef is still perfecting his recipe and he claims this will take more time. For now the carbs are GF pasta and polenta. I recommend this place highly but be forewarned of the above issues and limitations.

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