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New Owner For Friedman’s Lunch

11 Comments 11 April 2011


I received the bittersweet news while sipping a foamy soy milk latte at Jack’s Stir Brew last Friday. Vanessa Phillips sat across from me as we updated each other on our latest adventures.  Friedman’s was recently sold in order for her to move forward with Feel Good Foods fresh frozen Asian style dumplings. The demand for the dumplings has been tremendous and they are now in over 100 stores nationwide! Good news, indeed!

It is exciting to think about how far her business has evolved since we first met. Vanessa’s first gluten-free creation was the menu at Lilli & Loo. And remember Food Matters lasagna? Then she fell in love with chef Tryg Siverson and the two of them opened Friedman’s Lunch. In the beginning people were stoked about the gluten-free potato pancakes and gluten-free sandwiches.  Eventually it became one of the best brunch places in NYC, complete with gluten-free chicken and waffles!

Now it’s time for them to focus on their latest creation without distraction. Vanessa said something that stuck with me, “…I’ll miss Friedman’s, but I feel like I can reach and serve more people with our products.” Words spoken by a true entrepreneur that is passionate about what she does.

I wish them the best of success! Did you ever think the day would come (and it will be soon!) that your grocery store would carry gluten-free dumplings?! Whoo! Hoo!

Just remember: Friedman’s is no longer affiliated with Feel Good Foods (aka Vanessa and Tryg) in any way. Friedman’s will still serve fresh and delicious food with a variety of gluten-free options. If you wish to contact Feel Good Foods you must do so directly through their website.

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11 Comments so far

  1. 1
    Erin Smith says:

    I hope the new owners keep the gluten-free menu and understand the need for safe preparation in the kitchen. Good luck Vanessa!

    Gluten-Free Fun

  2. 2
    mary janssen says:

    Keep the good recipes coming.

  3. 3

    I hope Feel Good Foods will make gluten-free egg rolls! I can’t wait to see the dumplings in Maryland stores and try them!

  4. 4
    Lynn says:

    Congrats Vanessa!

  5. 5

    Just learned about these Feel Good Foods dumplings – can’t wait to try them! In the meantime, we’ve been pouring over Andrea Nguyen’s gluten-free dumplings:!

  6. 6
    Laurie Saloman says:

    These dumplings are amazing. My daughter is in heaven, since dumplings were one of the main things she missed after going gluten-free last summer. These are actually much better than regular wheat dumplings!

  7. 7
    Angela Klein says:

    love these dumplings, I feel less sad about not being able to have dim sum
    good GF luck, I’ll be on the look out for more goodies

  8. 8
    christine havekost says:

    an egg roll please

  9. 9
    Julia says:

    We have a local gluten free only store and they are selling those dumplings. I have been craving dumplings for so long, I miss them! I tried these gf dumplings and they are fantastic. I’ve only found the veggie ones so far. Had them 2 times now and I’m actually making them for dinner tonight.

  10. 10
    Jackie says:

    That sounds so good! I used to love dumplings but haven’t been able to eat them without severe pain. Hopefully Feel Good Foods come to Alaska!

  11. 11

    We carry Vanessa’s Feel Good Food dumplings at The Yard at 160.

    We also have an extensive gluten-free menu besides dumplings.

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