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Gluten-Free Restaurants NYC: Petit Cafe

13 Comments 25 March 2009

Petit Cafe gluten-free Manhattan

Please welcome Tim Mitchell, the second dude confident enough to guest blog here at Celiac Chicks! ~Kelly

Remember being able to go out for French toast on Saturday morning?  Well, at Petit Cafe you can do just that.  Though Petit Cafe has always offered some gluten free items since opening two years ago, they have now started offering gluten-free French toast served at any time daily.  You can choose between white or multi-grain breads, served with either a maple, blueberry, or strawberry syrup.  Though the menu is not strictly gluten free, there is also a variety of sandwiches that can be prepared with gluten-free bread, a daily gluten-free soup, and they have gluten-free cookies and brownies as well.  They will also soon be offering a gluten-free mac 'n cheese.

Petit Cafe gluten-free french toast

I spoke with owner Jason Portnoy who explained to me that his mother had been diagnosed with Celiac disease five years ago and since then, they have tried to always have celiac friendly options available at Petit Cafe. The French toast however is a relatively new addition and in fact, all the French toast is gluten-free and is made on a dedicated gluten-free grill.  For sandwich prep, the counters are cleaned and then covered and all the gluten-free items are stored in separate containers.

Petit Cafe gluten-free menu

I only just discovered Petit Cafe a couple weeks ago (with much thanks to my non-Celiac friend Sara looking out for me!), so I'm still in French toast nirvana.  Each of the three times I've visited, I ordered the multi-grain French toast with a side of scrambled eggs, only changing syrups.  Having tried all three (and they're all great!), I suppose a sandwich or soup would be in order.  But we're talking forgoing French toast, the best breakfast of all, so come on let's be realistic, there's no way I'm not getting French toast unless they're out of French toast!  I can also highly recommend getting a gluten-free chocolate walnut cookie, which proved too delicious to be photographed up close.

Petit Cafe gluten-free restaurant NYC 2

One thing to note is that the name Petit Cafe should be taken quite literally as they do not have a lot of seating. They do however have free delivery on orders $7 and up as well as takeout.

Petit Cafe
70 Greenwich Ave. (at 7th Ave.)
New York, NY 10011

8AM-8PM Sat
8AM-6Pm Sun

Petit Cafe gluten-free NYC 3

Fun international and at least Wikipedian-true names for French Toast:

  • Gypsy Toast, United Kingdom
  • Poor Knights of Windsor, United Kingdom
  • Betrunkene Jungfrau, German (Translation: drunken virgin.  Used when the French toast is made with wine instead of milk.)
  • Bundás Kenyér, Hungary (Historical, literally "coated bread" or "bread with fur")
  • Ekmek Balığı, Turkey (literally, "breadfish" / "fish of bread")

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13 Comments so far

  1. 1

    another resto to add to the list for our next ny visit!

  2. 2

    Step 1: Diet
    Step 2: Go to New York
    Step 3: EAT! At all those GF places.

    Above steps are for my wife. I start with #2

  3. 3

    I’m just now getting over a pancake over-indulgence I recently had and now you’re tempting me with French toast!

    By the way, I’m going to steal that UK “gypsy toast” moniker — I love it!


  4. 4
    allergicgirl says:

    wow i need to go there! i havent had pain perdu or french toast in ages…and not in a resto in yrs!

  5. 5
    Ellen says:

    Thank you! I’m always looking for GF restaurants in NYC.

  6. 6

    we are heading to NY in a few weeks and am SO happy to find all the fun restuarants to visit, i will be trying the french toast! and the cookie! i so agree with celiac husband!

  7. 7
    Rochelle says:

    Does anyone know if they have other gluten free foods besides the french toast? I tried to find a menu online, but couldn’t even find a website. Thanks!

  8. 8
    Tim says:

    From the article:

    “Though the menu is not strictly gluten free, there is also a variety of sandwiches that can be prepared with gluten-free bread, a daily gluten-free soup, and they have gluten-free cookies and brownies as well. They will also soon be offering a gluten-free mac ‘n cheese.”

    I’ve also since ordered their California Chicken sandwich gluten free and it’s delicious.

  9. 9
    sophia says:

    please also present gluten free dairy free meat free goodies, foods, companies that make such ( also yeast and egg free if possible)
    as i am vegan celiac
    kindly thankyou

  10. 10
    JW says:

    I have eaten there and had the french toast…it was delicious!

  11. 11
    ben cappel says:

    tim! i’m plotting a series of events that will lead to some of this french toast going into my mouth. well done.

    but you forgot the french name for french toast: pain perdu (‘lost bread’ – as in, ‘too stale to eat, so what the hell, turn it into french toast’).

  12. 12
    ben cappel says:

    UPDATE: i went there and had the AWESOME french toast. they were also baking up fresh GF bagels, muffins and cookies (at 7am) when i was there. i will definitely be back soon…

  13. 13
    Liz Granda says:

    Went to Petit Cafe this morning for breakfast and was very surprised to see their new addition….BIALYS!!!
    They were super yummy! I haven’t been able to have a bialy in years and this made my day!! The baker said they’ve only started making them a week ago….
    It feels so good to be able to pop in a breakfast place and grab a bialy and coffee before morning errands!

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