Gluten-Free Italy: Sardinia

5 Comments 18 February 2010

Sardinia Hotel Window
Our hotel room window

Thank you for letting me get my Debbie Downer whining out of the way. Now we can move on to the real reasons to visit Italy. As you will see, there was a visual feast at all times. 

Our first stop was the island of Sardinia. The friends I traveled with had relatives with a vacation house there. Unfortunately, it was too full for us to stay there, but we found accommodations at the lovely Hotel Altura close by. I would highly recommend this hotel. It was clean, basic yet charming, and the price was right.

Sardinia Hotel Window View
The view while peeking outside of the hotel room window

Sardinia Beach
Our first beach experience, not too shabby.

Sardinia Sand
Perfect sand! Big enough to easily shake off!

Sardinia Home Meal

No matter where you are, there is nothing like a home cooked meal! Our gracious hostess went out of her way to make me something gluten-free. It was delicious! Some sort of chicken curry over rice. I'm eternally grateful!
Sardinia Feast
The aftermath of our lunch with friends and family. There is nothing like fresh Italian grown tomatoes with real deal balsamic vinegar! My mouth is watering just from the memories.

Sardinia Socca 2
I was SO excited to spot this Farinata di Ceci sign…do you know what that means?!!! Socca!

Sardinia Gluten-Free Socca

They even had a little sign with the ingredients listed! Unfortunately this ended up to be a HUGE disappointment. This socca tasted sour. Blech! The socca at Nizza in NYC is much tastier. Someday I'll have to tour Italy more extensively in order to research Italian socca further and report back to you. [wink]

Sardinia Island 

We took a day trip to the isle of Maddalena. It was great fun to explore, drive around and beach hop. Just when you thought you had left the most beautiful beach of your life there was another one waiting for you right around the next bend.
Sardinia View
Sardinia Beach Aqua
Sardinia Island Sailboat 

Near the food stand here at this turn around point there was a hippie dude that sold his hand made jewelry out of his van. I bought some really neato earrings from him.

Valle Della Luna 1
See the tiny people for scale?

Anyhoo, he told us about a nearby hike to a secret cove called Valle Della Luna

Valle Della Luna 3
Valle Della Luna 5
This view was one of our rewards for the hike…

Valle Della Luna
….and this too!

Valle Della Luna 6
Signs of life

People live here in the rocks! When we tried to tell our hosts over dinner that we saw rock houses and signs that people lived there, my friends cousin exclaimed, "Freakatonis!!!" [ha ha] We looooved this new addition to our Italian vocabulary and put it to good use!

Valle Della Luna 7
There was another cave dwelling at the top of that rock. Very Flintstones, eh?

The other joke from this trip that still gets used on occasion is, "Go back to Sassari!" when someone says something sassy. Sassari is a town in Sardinia. I know, we are easily amused.

So, there you go! I hope you have enjoyed our tour of Sardinia and Maddalena. Next up….Rome!!

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  1. 1
    Harp says:

    breathtaking! Sardinia, is definitely on my must-visit list!

  2. 2
    mima says:

    wondering if you had anymore details for gluten free food in Cagliari? Cheers! going there in April.

  3. 3

    Nice food…i now very well, i’m from sardinia!

  4. 4
    Mark Winkler says:

    I loved Sardinia, May, 2011

  5. 5
    Aneta says:

    Hello Kelly,
    I haven’t been diagnosed with celiacs yet but I am 95 per cent sure I have it, plus I am lactose intolerant.
    I am going to Sardinia with my boyfriend this year ( he is also lactose-intolerant ) and I would like to know how you managed? I feel like an outsider, I can’t travel because I have to be careful and there are so little good places.
    And there might be a place that is called a gluten-free but they gave me things with gluten and I was sick.
    Are you still packing food with you when you’re going abroad?

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