Friedman's Deli Now Has Gluten-Free Sandwiches! (NYC)

14 Comments 24 May 2008

Friedman’s Delicatessen
Chelsea Market
75 Ninth Ave
New York, NY 10011
(212) 929-7100

Is it just me or when you have a gluten-free sandwich does it taste better than you remember sandwiches used to taste? I think I used to take the everyday sandwich for granted. Now when I eat a decent gluten-free sandwich I thoroughly enjoy it. Well, how much better do you think a gluten-free sandwich will taste when you can eat it at an old school style New York deli?!


This is the Chef Salad for $13.95. You can select whatever meat will satisfy your inner carnivore.

In the 1960’s there were approximately 300 kosher-style delicatessens in New York City. Since then many of these establishments have closed. Friedman’s has announced the opening of their new deli, which is reminiscent of New York City’s oldest, and most recognized traditional kosher style delis, except the gluten-free items on the menu give the delicatessen a modern twist. With more people discovering they have food intolerances the owners of Friedman’s felt it was important to include safe gluten-free options on their menu. The menu consists of mouth-watering staples of the delicatessen era, such as chicken rice soup and corned beef sandwiches. Friedman’s is offering the real deal-high quality, old school kosher style items, which also includes brisket and homemade potato salad!


Sink your teeth into this pastrami sandwich made with bread from The Grainless Baker.



There isn’t an actual gluten-free menu here, but all sandwiches can be made with gluten-free "rye" bread. Customers can rest assured that both the tuna salad and the chicken salad are gluten-free too. Most of the sides are gluten-free as well. There will be a chart behind the counter which will clearly label all of each menu items ingredients to make ordering easy for both the patrons and deli counter workers.

As if this all isn’t enough good news, they are also working on a breakfast and brunch menu that will include lots of gluten-free options too. And since you can’t eat a really good authentic deli sandwich without a really good authentic pickle, they will be making their own pickles! (These will be brined pickles, which equals corn-free!)* Keeping with the theme of the Chelsea Market, where there is a huge wholesale component, the pickles will be sold wholesale in the front of the store. This helps to contribute to the authenticity of what Friedman’s is all about.

Vanessa Phillips has helped Friedman’s with their menu and will be there for several weeks to help the staff get the gluten-free routine down. This is not going to be a GFRAP restaurant because other than most ingredients being naturally gluten-free, they are just switching your orders to gluten-free bread and taking common sense precautions. The bread will be toasted on a separate plate and all sandwiches will be cut with a color coded designated knife. None of the gluten-free sandwiches will be cut directly on the cutting board, but instead they will be placed on a piece of tin foil and then cut.

All of the gluten-free sandwiches are an extra $1.50. A regular turkey sandwich is $9.95, so the gluten-free turkey will be $11.45 and the gluten-free pastrami is $12.45. Before you gasp at those prices check out the sizes of these sandwiches! They are HUGE! Those of you with dainty appetites can order half a sandwich with soup or salad for $12.95.

Excuse me, but I have to go get another pastrami sandwich! 

*For those of you with additional food allergies-the bread does contain both corn and dairy. However, if you bring in your own bread they can totally make a sandwich for you without a problem.  All the meat is corn and gluten-free, however, deli meats do contain soy. For those with soy allergies or for those who don’t want deli meat there is a tasty rotisserie chicken.

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14 Comments so far

  1. 1
    Elizabeth says:

    They look wonderful. I am so very jealous of any one around this restaurant that can be close enough to enjoy this. Be so grateful that you have it and they are working to help the gluten-free.
    How Lucky you are !!!!

  2. 2
    Aileen says:

    WOW! This is so exciting! I miss a good pastrami sandwich, a nice rueben, etc and they are HUGE!

  3. 3
    Alan Olshan says:

    Kelly, what would we do without you? You’re a national treasure for everyone with C-c. I’ll be off to the deli ASAP for a corned beef on wry.

  4. 4
    Karen says:

    Wow! A sandwich like that is worth moving to NY for, eh? YUMMY!


  5. 5
    Ken says:

    I had lunch there yesterday, and enjoyed a corned beef sandwich. The chef (is that the right word) said that he wasn’t absolutely certain that the seasonings in the pastrami were gluten-free, but he was sure about all of the other meats. He also told me which of the soups was safe. The sandwich came out wrapped in waxed paper but freshly made, and the bread was toasted.

    It’s easy to get to–you can take the #1 subway to 14th Street from Penn Station. Some other subway lines also have a stop nearby.

  6. 6
    Vanessa says:

    Hi everyone! I assisted in creating the gluten free menu at Friedman’s Delicatessen and I just wanted to assure everyone that the pastrami is gluten free. All meats are purchased from Hebrew National, which is a division of ConAgra Foods. I spoke with the company at length and they informed me that anytime gluten is hidden in an ingredient they list it under the nutritional information. You can find the ingredients for the meats directly on Hebrew Nationals website. I am sorry if anyone received conflicting information from Friedman’s. We are continuing to work closely with the staff and our food distributors to ensure a gluten free dining experience for everyone.

    Please note that all of the deli meats are also free from dairy and egg. Some of the meats contain caramel coloring, which contains small traces of corn.

  7. 7
    Sara says:

    Just had a turkey on “rye” and it was delicious! The coleslaw was really tasty too. I’ll definitely be back!

  8. 8
    Catherine says:

    Going on Sunday – can’t wait!


  9. 9
    Cassandra says:

    I think that is the biggest sandwich I have ever laid eyes on!

  10. 10
    Joel says:

    Very excited that I’m about to head down and try a sandwich. However I must point out that the real new twist to old school kosher deli sandwiches, is that the bread is made with dairy. For those of you not in the know, meat + dairy = Not Kosher.

  11. 11
    DawnInMaine says:

    I went to Friedman’s Deli in the first week of July. I had my first *good* sandwich since my diagnosis with Celiac. It was more than good — it was great! I wish I lived closer so I could have a corned beef on rye every now and then. But if you’re in the big apple, make it a must-eat!

  12. 12
    Anna says:

    great! I’ll have to check this out!

  13. 13
    Lisa Cucinotta says:

    I found this blog randomly and today was going to be near Chelsea Market so I figured I’d go check it out. My feeling: The bread was very tasty and “real” feeling, but it was also extremely small, and they packed my sandwich mega full, which made the bread seperate very easily. Considering I was trying to eat this “on the go” it made things a little difficult, however I would definitely want to go back and try it when I had time to sit.

  14. 14
    Pnina Feinberg says:

    Hello, is your bread the glutten free bread with out soy because my food has to be gluten free lactose free and soy free can you please let me know where are you located I can see 9 Ave, but where and the times you are open, Do you have regular bread for the ones who don’t need gluten free? Are you Kosher?, and Do you have other food too with out gluten.
    P. Feinberg

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