FINLAND: Land Of Gluten Free Paradise

3 Comments 12 May 2004

Finland.CHPTR 2.8.jpg
Another bakery, Kahvila-Konditoria Aurinko: this woman’s daughter and husband both have celiac disease. The good looking rolls in chapter one
with the carelian pie are from this bakery.

Finland.CHPTR 2.7.jpg
I wanted to show you how cute this place was…neither
of us were up to being in the photo!

Finland.CHPTR 2.6.jpg
Ahhh…respite from the blizzard! This is what I look like
after having snow pelt me in the face for hours. Oh well,
I have the joy of the berry tart to savor!

Parliament building where few tourists get to see inside but our friends work there! It’s like the Finnish equivalent to the United States Congress.

Enjoying some Glogi at Kappeli…sort of reminded me of Tavern On The Green with all of the glass. Glogi is a traditional Scandinavian drink served around the holiday season. It is a variation of berry juice, spices and either wine, brandy or cognac. It’s one of those recipes where everyone seems to add their own twist to it. Soooo…it’s celiac friendly if made with one of the liquors that are from fruit, not grain, like those previously mentioned. Perfect for warming up in cold weather!

I brought a box of Glogi mix home with me and recently shared it
with friends. It was a huge hit! I’ll have to make more! Here’s a
Glogi recipe if you’d like to try some. (This guy sounds like a Glogi expert!)

finnish pizza.jpg

Ravintola Pizzeria Dennis
Amazing GF pizza!! Funny thing was while eating there we just happened to catch a TV show that had interviewed us (well Kirsi, since she speaks Finnish) the day before!

inside pizza joint.jpg
Eagerly awaiting our GF pizza!

pizza joint.jpg
Outside view of the pizza joint.

One more little GF story…on one occasion while traveling by bus we had a pit stop at a roadside gas station cafe. Kirsi asked in Finnish about gluten-free foods and I ordered a greek salad. They are SO conscientious about gf needs the girl at the register ended up handing me a roll that was warm and claimed it was gluten-free! Isn’t that swell?! It was just so amazingly cool. OH … and it tasted good too! I slipped and fell on the ice just outside of our bus but I held on desperately to my warm roll!

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  1. 1
    Michelle says:


    So, you are a true “Rock-n-Roll-er!” Aren’t you glad you had your warm roll and NOT a bun! Otherwise, you’d be “Hot Cross Buns” right in front of the bus! D’oh!
    I hope you jumped up, brushed the snow from your backside and thrust your buns high in the air and shouted, “Loaf-er!” 🙂

  2. 2
    Anna says:

    Im 15 years old and i just found out that i have celiac disease. :-/… i am quite scared actually. i know everyone says theres nothing to be scared of, but my brother also has celiac, he has had it his whole life and he eats rice cakes and corn bursts. thats about it. and thank you. im just worried it is going to be some much of a hassle. im worried about haveing to go to camp, and sleepovers and parties. its just a bother. if u have any suggestions … id love to here them.

    ps- AMAZING site!!

  3. 3

    I just took a trip to Finland a few weeks ago and I can’t emphasize how wonderful of a country it is for gf food. Just about all the menus were clearly marked with gf items (as well as dairy free, soy free and other allergies) and many of the places didn’t use wheat at all (like the Chinese and Indian places I went to in Helsinki and Turku).
    Also the grocery stores had a vast selection of products that were much tastier than those in the US in general. Those aisles were clearly marked. Also, just about everyone there knew exactly what Celiac disease was and/or how to help find you gf food. It was amazing. It puts the US (and other countries) to shame. It is so progressive in its research. I can’t recommend traveling to Finland enough!

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