Gluten-Free Arizona: Gluten-Free Beer At Chase Field

13 Comments 28 March 2009

Wow! A stadium that serves gluten-free beer?!

Here's the thirst quenching scoop:

With the news that Chase Field will offer fans gluten-free beer and snacks this season at Diamondbacks’ gamesread more.

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  1. 1
    Michael says:

    This season, Citizens Bank Park in Philly (home of the World Champion Phillies) will be offering gluten-free hot dog buns, cookies and pastries in addition to Redbridge beer.

  2. 2
    Erin says:

    Shea Stadium used to sell RedBridge. I am not sure if Citifield plans on selling it as well. I was there on Sunday for an exhibition game, but it was too chilly for me to hold onto a cold beer. 🙂

  3. 3
    Kelly says:

    Really?!!!! I never knew that. Since when? Obviously I’m not a baseball fan.
    : )



  4. 4
    Ted says:

    I attended the Diamondbacks vs Rockies game at Chase field on April 7, 2009 while visiting Phoenix.

    My wife and I chose baseball over hockey due to my finding on the internet that Chase Field offered gluten free beer and snacks.

    In summary: Nope – they don’t!!!

    I walked to the first beer stand I could find and requested a gluten free beer. Blank stares and “what’s that” questions.

    I then went to a Double Header snack bar. All the Double Header snack bars were supposed to have gluten free snacks.

    After asking for gluten free snacks, the attendant went back and grabbed his manager who told me to go to the snack bar in section 119 or 114.

    At the 119 snack bar, I was told to go to 114.

    At section 114, I again asked for gluten free snacks and the attendant pointed at a 4″ x 12″ basket that contained half a dozen small gluten freee snack bars.

    Needless to say, I was very disappointed (wording changed here to respect any children who may be reading)

  5. 5
    Ted says:

    Another long reply, but I received this response from Diamondbacks customer relations. The concession folks were unaware that there are some GF options. Please see below:

    After reading some of the comments about our gluten-free offerings, I thought I could clear up some confusion. As a fellow gluten-free fan, I know how hard it can be to not have a beer at the ballpark and now that we offer them, they’re hard to find!

    I’m going to direct this specifically to Ted, since he has some problems when he came to the ballpark. In addition to just responding to the comments, I also forwarded them to our concessionaire. First and foremost, customer service is our top priority and it’s important that our game-day staff knows how to answer fan questions. April 7 was just our third game and as a new offering at the ballpark, these employees may not have been up to speed yet. That’s not an acceptable answer but probably what happened.

    We offer gluten-free beer at all the liquor portables (sections 109, 114, 122, 129, 136, 311, 324). I will make sure that this info is also update on our website.

    As for the snacks, we currently offer a Larabar food bars and gluten-free candy such as gummie bears. I know, to us gluten-free folks it’s not a lot of options, but it’s a start.

    Since Ted had such a difficult time, I want to offer him tickets to another game (Fanster game me your contact info, so I’ll be reaching out later today). Maybe we can even share a gluten-free beer at the game?

    If you ever have comments or feedback, please feel free to email or contact me directly on twitter @DBacksPRGirl.

    We really do care about our fans and try to make the experience at the ballpark the best it can be.

  6. 6
    Conall says:

    April 16th I was at the Phillies-Padres game, and was told that Redbridge had not been brought back this year, and that there was no plan to do so. I even walked the entire park looking for Redbridge. Are the gluten-free hot dog buns, cookies and pastries, in addition to Redbridge beer, offered in a particular section that any fan can get to?

  7. 7

    Citifield (new home of the NY Mets) sells Redbridge. You can only get it at the main beer stand over by the Shake Shack and such beyond the outfield area.

  8. 8
    Trish says:

    Wow, GREAT to know!

  9. 9
    Gluten Free says:

    Come check all of the gluten free beer reviews!

    Gluten Free beer Community and reviews

  10. 10
    Sarah Johnson says:

    Can you post the following Save the Date info for your readers that may be in the AZ area? We are having a GF Food Fair and I want to get the word out to as many people as I can.

    Save the Date! Greater Phoenix Gluten-Free Expo! Free Food Fair Saturday, May 22, 2010:

    It’s back by popular demand! The response to last year’s gluten free food fair was so overwhelming that it is now an annual event!

    The 2nd annual Greater Phoenix Gluten Free Expo will take place on Saturday, May 22, 2010 from 10am to 2pm. At The Sheraton Crescent Hotel, 2620 W. Dunlap Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85021.Admittance: is $5 per adult (cash only accepted at the door).

    Once again, we will have a wide variety of food samples as well as FREE informational take aways, recipes and tips for your everyday gluten free living! Talk with vendors that provide gluten free products and find out about their ingredients, manufacturing facilities and of course taste their sampled products. Keep updated with all upcoming CDF: Greater Phoenix Chapter events at

  11. 11

    That’s great news but doesn’t surprise me–Phoenix itself has a HUGE gluten-free following, let alone the state of Arizona. Does anyone know whatever happened with this? Will Chase Field be serving gluten-free snacks/beer this season?

    It’d be nice if they try and implement the program again. One of the most frustrating things for me is not being able to bring in my own food to large/long events simply because there are rarely any gluten-free options.

  12. 12
    Jane says:

    Don’t forget the Red Rooster cafe in Old Cottonwood; their soups are divine!

  13. 13
    Chris says:

    Hi, Kelly – have you heard of Picazzo’s, a restaurant chain in Arizona? They have gluten free pizza and pasta, and it’s amazing. I bought 3 pies the last time we were there, ate 2 slices, and brought the rest home to freeze. Is it a well-kept secret?

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