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The New Infant Study For Celiac Disease

2 Comments 31 May 2016

Join me as I interview pediatric gastroenterologist Maureen Leonard, M.D. from MassGeneral Hospital for Children.  We will discuss the new 500 infant study that will shed more light on what triggers celiac disease. Also, find out how your baby can be part of this study! For more information about this study visit: Celiac Disease Microbiome […]

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Gluten Sensitivity Is Real

18 Comments 29 September 2009

So, it turns out the "gold standard" biopsy isn't always so golden. Maybe we should rename it the "old standard"? This is very good news for people that couldn't get a definitive diagnosis of celiac disease, but knew that gluten made them sick. Yes, back in the day you had to just trust your gut. […]

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Celiac Disease: Dental Enamel Defects And Canker Sores

11 Comments 29 September 2009

Evidently canker sores and enamel defects can be indications of celiac disease. I think I'm going to print this out and give it to my dentist. Read the article:The Association Between Celiac Disease and Dental Enamel Defects, Aphthous Ulcers in a United States Cohort I found out that an aphthous ulcer is the same as […]

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Celiac Disease And Schizophrenia

No Comments 29 September 2009

SCHRES-04003; No of Pages 8NOVEL IMMUNE RESPONSE TO GLUTEN IN INDIVIDUALS WITH SCHIZOPHRENIA Diana Samaroo,Faith Dickerson,Donald D. Kasarda,Peter H.R. Green,Chiara Briani Read the article: Schizophrenia And Celiac Disease Research And I thought my middle name was Cybil just because it was cute. Seriously, if I understood this recent article correctly, a gluten-free diet may help […]

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