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4 Comments 17 July 2006

Vere Goods

I don’t know about you, but I love chocolate.  No.  I LOVE chocolate.  Once, when I couldn’t get in to the very popular NYC Chocolate Show, I cried.  So, when Vere (pronounced "very") contacted us about their very unique and gluten-free chocolate, I got butterflies.  When my first Vere chocolate shipment was mistakenly routed to a neighbor I have not yet met named ‘Vega’, who had no problem signing for a package addressed to me, I thought, "What, now I’m a victim of a chocolate hijacking?!"  Vere graciously sent a replacement, and my ‘food of the gods‘ finally arrived.  This is the kind of chocolate that fully satisfies in every possible way that chocolate can … it’s pure and made with lots of care.  Each piece even looks beautiful and special (I gasped a little as I unwrapped the first one), and that’s exactly how you feel while savoring every bite.  I wonder if ‘Vega’ had the same emotional experience while eating his hijacked Vere chocolates.


Vere is proud of the painstaking process they use to make their chocolates from bean to box, and they should be. As a result, their chocolate ends up being quite good for you!  Fiber, antioxidants, low sugar/glycemic, and pesticide-free cocoa beans are just some of the benefits. Their gf selections are clearly listed on the website, and I honestly can’t narrow it down to one favorite.  I guess I would head straight for the flourless brownie selection first, try them all, and then grab one of each of the wafers. And don’t forget the clusters!  Remember, these are f.i.n.e. dark chocolates; at least 75% cocoa and low in sugar.  If you’ve never tried fancy high quality dark chocolate before, Vere would be an excellent place to start. The dark flavor of all their chocolate is far from bitter .. more a smoooth buttery true cocoa with a little bite.  Serve a good dessert wine or port with these at your next dinner party, and enjoy the stream of compliments. Vere chocolates are available at various NYC retail locations, and in other states as well. It’s also easy to order directly from their website.

You are special, and you deserve this very special treat .. as often as possible.


Vere Chocolate Bar
Crispie Rice Cluster
Peppercorn Wafer

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    Kim, another very delicious gluten free treat are the “sweetriot” chocolate covered cacao nibs. Not only are they yummy to nibble, they travel extremely well in their spiffy containers. Check ’em out at

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    Seneca says:

    Dark chocolate in general is a great treat for those with any gluten intolerance, for that matter…and for folks who have problems with gluten and soy, many premium chocolatiers don’t use soy lecithin either: Bonnat, Cluizel and Domori, just to name a few…

  3. 3
    jocelyn says:

    I am not gluten free, and I will vouch for this stuff. It was SOOOOO good. Kim gave me some during a PMS breakdown. Fully satisfied.

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    Heather says:

    Just to let everyone know — our factory is now open to the public every Friday from 12 – 6:00pm. Please visit us! We want to give everyone the opportunity to sample our products, purchase right from the source, and get a glimpse of the inner workings of our factory. Thanks!

    Vere, 12 West 27th St. (btwn Broadway & 6th Ave.)
    6th Floor

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