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7 Comments 12 February 2007

After torturing those of you who are allergic to peanuts with the easy schmeezy delicious peanut butter bar recipe, we thought it would be nice to do a peanut-free stuff giveaway. Post a  comment sharing your favorite peanut short story, song, or joke. (e.g. Two peanuts were walking down the street, when one was a-salted.) Three responses we choose will receive one of the following:

Peanut-Free Giveaway #1

Package #1 includes one Complete Peanut Allergy Handbook, one Food Without Fear bracelet, one jar of I.M. Healthy Chunky SoyNut Butter, and several fun items from our ChickCouture Awareness Store, such as the notebook, seitan is evil magnet and micro button.

Peanut-Free Giveaway #2

Package #2 includes one copy of The Complete Peanut Allergy Handbook, one jar of unsweetened chunky I.M. Healthy SoyNut Butter, one magnet, one seitan is evil magnet, one large button and one micro button.

Peanut-Free Giveaway #3

Package #3 includes one jar of I.M. Healthy Chocolate SoyNut Butter, one magnet, one seitan is evil magnet, one large button and one micro button.

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7 Comments so far

  1. 1
    Mona says:

    Thank goodness! 🙂
    thanks for the package options for peanut free
    how about some recipes.
    I have one son who is severly allergic to peanuts and hazlenuts, and another son who is Celiac.

    and my husband is Vegan. groan 😉

    so you can imagine my frustration come dinnertime.

  2. 2

    My new daycare boy is allergic to peanuts, my other one is lactose, and I am a Celiac. Makes for interesting options for lunches!

    My joke for you:

    The Preacher And The Elderly Lady
    A preacher visits an elderly woman from his congregation. As he sits on the couch, he notices a large bowl of peanuts on the coffee table. “Mind if I have a few?”, he asks.
    “No, not at all”, the woman replied. They chat for an hour and as the preacher stands to leave, he realizes that instead of eating just a few peanuts, he emptied most of the bowl. “I’m so sorry for eating all your peanuts! I really just meant to eat a few”, the preacher apologized.
    “Oh that’s alright”, the woman replied. “Ever since I lost my teeth, all I can do is suck the chocolate off them”.

  3. 3

    what a nice thing to do! i’m actually not allergic to peanuts so have no peanuty story to share but just thought i’d say hurray for such nice support of the nut-allergic folks.

  4. 4
    Kathy says:

    Well, this wasn’t funny or anything, but it shows how vigilant we must be in this situation. My mother sent my son a big box of goodies on his 14th birthday, along with a note that she made him some peanut-free chocolate chip cookies. He ate one. About 1 minute later, he looked at me and said, “I don’t feel right.” Then he threw up. FREAK OUT TIME! I flung him in the car after making him drink some benadryl and had the epipen in my hand as we drove to the hospital. His nasal passages closed, but his throat stayed open (thank GOD). He survived…but it made us realize we can’t trust anyone! Even Grandma. Seems she used peanut butter chocolate chips and didn’t realize it.


  5. 5
    Nick Matyas says:

    It is a good posting. I like it. It’s pretty much impressive.

  6. 6

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  7. 7
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