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Gluten-Free Sunscreen: Jane Iredale Dry Sunscreen Powder

17 Comments 22 March 2012

gluten free skin care Jane Iredale mineral powder spf
 Jane Iredale Powder-Me SPF Dry Sunscreen

OK, so a lot of us have super sensitive skin and I finally figured out a few years ago that the rash I was getting after being in the sun wasn’t from the sun, but was actually from the chemicals and who knows what else in the sunscreen. Yikes! It was such a dilemma, because this chick wants to protect herself from the sun! Especially my face!!! Imagine though, the dread of putting sunscreen on once I figured it out that it was giving me an after sun rash. *sniff*

SO, Jane Iredale came to the rescue again with her Powder-Me SPF Dry Sunscreen!  And again, I’m sharing all of my beauty product finds with you because it took me soooooo long to discover these great products. They aren’t readily available in every drugstore or even department store, so I’m hoping to save somebody out there some valuable time.

gluten free skin care mineral powder
This is what it looks like when you take off the top mirrored lid and the powder puff applicator.

I know it sounds crazy, because I didn’t really believe this would work at first either. A dry mineral powder sunscreen with UVB/UVA SPF 30 protection?!

From the Jane Iredale website product description:

“It contains titanium dioxide and a natural clay dried in the sun and is completely free of contaminants and atmospheric pollutants.”

This product also didn’t make the list of ingredients containing wheat on their gluten and vegan information page.

gluten free skin care dry sunscreen
This is the underside of the powder puff applicator. See the hole?

So, I was a little scared when I first tried this out. But it works!!!! It’s amazing! Of course, the drawback is after you go swimming you have to put more on…and it doesn’t protect you once you are in the water…(Jane can you help here?)…but it does protect your pretty little face while looking fab poolside or just out and about in the sun. At least I have some protection from the sun now!

OH…and I love that it doubles as a tone evening translucent powder! 🙂 I use the one called Tanned, but it also comes in Translucent. Again, it isn’t drugstore cheap and will run around $40, but I’m worth it! heh heh And it lasts a long time.

One thing I don’t like about this is the powder puff applicator doesn’t work. Maybe I’m living up to the blonde stereotype or something, but it doesn’t seem like anything is coming out of it, so I just dip a blush brush into the powder ever so lightly and use the mirrored lid upside down to shake off excess powder before applying it. I do apply it generously, just because I’m nervous about sun damage, but you know, just normal powder coverage, nothing crazy.

If my applicator looks like it has powder on it…it is because I used it to dip into the powder when I didn’t have my blush brush with me.

If you can’t find these locally, you can buy both Tanned and Translucent colors of this product on Amazon.


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17 Comments so far

  1. 1
    jill says:

    I love a similar (also gf) product: mineral fusion brush on sun defense ( but it’s fed through a brush and I think it runs around $20 at wholefoods. Their makeup is pretty sweet too and all GF.

  2. 2
    Kelly says:

    Hey Jill!!! Love your blog…and your recipes rock! Well, I’ve only made one, but I’ve made it several times (with my own spin) The peanut chicken. mmmm

    Thanks for your tip…I might have to check that mineral fusion powder out! I’ve tried another mineral powder..can’t remember the name right now…and I got a rash. Weird, right? But I guess at the $20 price it is worth a try – cuz if it works I’ll save $$ 🙂

    Thanks again!

  3. 3
    Amber K says:

    I always get rashes if I use sunscreen so I try to just stick to indoors. Because I just can’t justify $40 for sunscreen!

      Kelly says:

      Amber…you’re worth it! 🙂 It really does last a long time. Mine lasted for two summers until I spilled it. I think we could have made it to three summers. So, if you look at it that way then it isn’t that expensive. I am just a little paranoid about sun damage on my face. Vanity! haha

  4. 4
    Barrie says:

    I LOVE my Jane Iredale foundation, so I’m thrilled to see this product.

    Can you use it in conjunction with the mineral foundation, or would that be redundant?

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention!!!!

  5. 5
    Kelly says:


    Glad to introduce you! I don’t see why it would be a problem to double up. I say the more protection the better! I know you don’t need to, though. You might want to consult directly with the company on this. Good question.

  6. 6
    Aleka says:

    It’s good to paranoid about your face. When I turned forty my face pigmentation became noticeably uneven and I had to have a growth removed from my driver’s side ear. The dermatologist told me it was all sun damage. It has gotten worse in the last 12 years. I feel self conscious without foundation and I really don’t like to use it. Please note: as a child I got dark and never burnt; however, the sun was damaging my skin. I too have problems with most sunscreen. I think $40 would be worth it. I wonder if it has been independently tested, though.

  7. 7
    Kelly says:


    Thanks for sharing your story. As far as your question about it being “independently tested”….did you mean for gluten?

  8. 8
    Joanna Mariani says:

    Hi Kelly,

    My name is Joanna and I work at jane iredale. I’m so glad that you love the sunscreen! It is a fantastic product and one of our favorites. I wanted to let you know that it is actually water resistant and will continue to protect you in the water, so feel free to swim while being fully protected!


      Kelly says:

      Hi Joanna! Thanks for stopping by and clarifying!

      Question: Could you explain further how the powder is water resistant? Thanks so much!

  9. 9

    Hi Kelly, no problem! Here is some really helpful information from our website that I think will explain better than me:

    “Under the new FDA monograph, no manufacturer is now allowed to claim a “water proof” rating. The highest nomenclature that can be used is “very water resistant.” This is a rating allowed by the FDA when a product has successfully completed its criteria for underwater testing. It requires that product be placed on a human subject and immersed in moving water for 80 minutes. The SPF is then tested. In the case of our makeup, it maintained its SPF and, therefore, acquired a “very water resistant” rating.”

    We do recommend that if you have been swimming or perspiring that you not wipe your face or body but rather pat it dry. This will help prevent you from removing the SPF. For more information on this please feel free to ask me or visit our website at

    I hope that helps! 🙂


  10. 10
    Kelly says:

    Thanks, Joanna! Hmmmm OK, this is going to sound like the old Cher infomercial they made fun of on SNL, but I have to ask one more question just to make sure…are you SURE you are talking about the powder dry sunscreen?!!!! It still was on after being in the water?!!! Whoa! Hard to believe!

  11. 11
    Jeff says:

    Hello Kelly,
    I have a friend with Celiac and some years ago we realized our sunscreen was also gluten free and we list that on the back of our bottles.
    I am happy to share some information and product with you, please let me know if you are interested.

  12. 12

    Hi Kelly,

    Yes, I’m sure :). All of our foundations (with the exception of Liquid Minerals) as well as Powder-Me SPF have a very water resistant rating and are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation for their SPF coverage.

      Kelly says:

      Joanna…WOW! That’s incredible! I did always dry off my face after being in the water and then reapply. Hmm…it will be scary, but I’m going to experiment with this now.

      Two more questions:

      1)The Powder Me SPF is 30 …so how often should you reapply it? [duh]

      2) What is up with the foam applicator that didn’t seem to work for me? Why not a brush applicator?

      Thx 🙂


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