Gluten-Free Costa Rica Trip

11 Comments 10 September 2008

Uvita National Park, Costa Rica. Photo courtesy of Magda Wojtyra.*

Anyone up for a week of hiking, kayaking, rain forest walks, beaches, swimming, zip-lining, and gluten-free meals enjoyed with a gluten-free nutrition and health expert?

[waving hand frantically] Oh, uh, I don’t have any more vacation time left. [pout]

I know I said I was going to take you places, but first I have to help EMS fill their last few spaces for this trip. You see, I think it is amazing that they are even trying to accommodate people on a gluten-free diet.

Eastern Mountain Sports Trek has organized a Costa Rica Gluten-Free Adventure Week trip w/celiac dietitian, Melinda Dennis,MS, RD, LDN and creator of Delete the Wheat, LLC.

Costa Rica

November 23 – 29, 2008

To register call 1-888-755-TREK or email:
Space limited to 30.
Open to those w/ celiac disease and gluten intolerance, and their family
and friends!


***Registration deadline is September 20th.***

Have you ever been to Costa Rica? What did you think? What did you eat? Pray tell.

*Can I just tell you what a freaky small world it is?! I searched for Costa Rica photos on Flickr and only about 705,489 pictures popped up. So, I looked through a few pages and selected a nice one on the second page, and contacted the photographer asking for permission to use it. Lo and behold, Magda Wojtyra, replied to me explaining that she had designed the Toronto Celiac website! You can see her name below the photo of Toronto. Weird, eh? I think I hear the X Files music…

P.S. Don’t forget about the Colin Leslie Walk this coming Sunday! See ya there!

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11 Comments so far

  1. 1
    diane says:

    i have been to costa-rica, but before my celiac days. it is a beautiful place.
    i have been traveling to guatemala for the last few years with a mission group. most of the food is corn-based. this may be true in costa rica, as well.
    i always carry some g-f treats with me, in case we have to stop on the road to grab a bite…usually, i wind up sharing my food with non-celiacs.
    i think g-f travel news is great…keep up the “travel-log”.
    thanks so much for all you do.

  2. 2
    chris-jennas mom says:

    I dont konw if we( my husband and I)could handele it. Jenna who is just turned seven could, she rock climbs and zip slides at camp. would you want children there? she is the one with celiac. Let us know it sounds like fun.She thinks she is a chic, I have to get her a tee shirt.

  3. 3
    Cassandra says:

    If I wasn’t having a baby next week, I would be so tempted to blow my money and go on this trip!

  4. 4
    Lynne Simms says:

    Costa Rica…Ahhhhh… This sounds like a wonderful trip. Especially accommodating those with CD. However, having been there this spring, I must pass. It is a beautiful place to visit. I’m sure everyone will have a wonderful time.

  5. 5
    Karen says:

    I have been learning Spanish so I can go to La Paz, Mexico for the winter next year. Wish I could go to Costa Rica.

  6. 6
    bathmateus says:

    Thank you for posting.
    it is really helpful to all.


  7. 7
    Steve Tosti says:

    I live in Costa Rica and I am finding it hard to find gluten free products. Can you help?

      Fabiola says:

      Where do you live? Automercado and Biosalud have many products, Walmart, Mas x Menos and Fresmarkets are introducing some.

      Outback, Limoncello and Tin Jo have GF menu.

  8. 8
    noraly says:

    I’m planning to move to Costa Rica with 2 autistic boys whom are on a GF/CF diet, so I need to know at which stores we can find their food.
    Please let us know

  9. 9
    Fabiola says:

    I am from CR and I must say it makes me very flatter to read all these wonderful comments about my country. So you know, CR has a great knowledge of GF food, you can get around and eat and be safe!

    We have restaurants with GF menus, and international chefs know how to cook for you, so come down here, and write me an email if you need any help, I’ll be more than glad to take you out if you are in San José!

    Pura vida!

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