Photos From The Gluten-Free White Mountain Adventure In New Hampshire

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It was really this beautiful!


I’m Melinda Dennis, a registered dietitian specializing in celiac disease. I recently joined up with Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS) to teach this weekend’s participants about celiac disease and the gluten free diet. Here are some photos that should help  recap the fun we had on the first Gluten Free Adventure Travel with Eastern Mountain Sports & Delete the Wheat in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

June 27 – 29, 2008

You know when you just know you’re going to like a group of people?!? That was our group. The first thing we did together was spot a bear cub cross the lawn by our inn – kind of a bonding experience. That kind of set the stage for our get-away weekend.  By the way, there’s an outdoor pool and hot tub here – the Cranmore Mountain Lodge in North Conway, NH.


Lemonade and delicious, gluten-free gougeres (cheesy balls)

The group drifted in on Friday night, coming from Massachusetts and Connecticut and was met by chewy, gluten-free cheese balls for an evening appetizer, made especially by the innkeeper. They got a big bag of gluten-free snacks, energy bars, and rehydration drinks – all donated by our kind sponsors. We ended up having our first class (Nutrition for Outdoor Adventure) in the living room after coming back from Katrina’s Organic Market – a fantastic, organic, gluten free dinner of grilled chicken, quinoa salad and super salad (yummy kale dish) with a pie that we fought over it was so delicious! Becky, the director of EMS Trek, ate dinner w/ us and shared stories about adventure trekking all over the world. No matter what we learned about in class tonight about whole gluten-free grains, balanced nutrient intake for endurance exercise (our upcoming hike),  fluids, protein and carb needs, nothing can stop us from looking forward to tomorrow’s breakfast – fluffy GF pancakes and French toast homemade by our innkeeper.



Today we met our EMS guide, Sally, at 9:30 am (after breakfast –of course) and we ended up hiking about 6 hours together, with plenty of breaks for gluten-free snacks and lunch. New Hampshire has awesome hiking – we were helping each other over small river crossings, climbing sometimes semi-steep trails, sometimes leaf-covered easier walking trails, looking for moose, and checking out about 4 waterfalls all in one day . The most beautiful is Arethusa Falls. In winter, ice climbers love this spot.

Conversation this weekend has been all over the map from zodiac signs, to travel in Nepal and some of EMS’ great tours, to how much food we’re packing away, to scuba, to how people with celiac disease are finally taking over the world. It’s about time.

Katrina’s gluten-free organic pie- it has avocados in it!



Guess what? Appetizers again when we got back – dates wrapped in bacon and GF cheese and crackers, lemonade and cocoa. This time dinner was at Rafferty’s, a family restaurant in town (North Conway) that serves GF pizza, ribs, chicken wings, onion rings – you name it.


Visiting the new EMS store in North Conway

Everybody wanted to see the newly opened, giant EMS store in town so we went there and took a group photo in front of the big sign saying “Ask about our Gluten Free Adventure Trips.” Some of us used our store coupons.


Today is pouring rain with lightning and thunder, but as it often happens with groups who have an itinerary, the sun came out with no advance warning and we had another great hike (2 hours this time) with our EMS guide, George, to a summit where the mountains in the distance looked like Mt Fuji, partly shrouded in clouds. More food, more goofing off and a lot of appreciation for the amazing views. 

After lunch (organic veggies, homemade hummus, organic apples and awesome no-fuzz kiwis with an edible peel, again from Katrina’s) some people  took off for home to beat the traffic and the others came with me while I gave a lecture on celiac disease in town (Maximizing Nutrition on the Gluten Free Diet). We all hope that we will meet up again on another gluten-free outdoor adventure.

Costa Rica is our next trip this year over Thanksgiving week!! You can check out or for more info in the next few weeks.


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    Maureen says:

    Thank you so much for the report on the gluten free trip. I do a lot of endurance sports – mostly outrigger paddling and biking. I am planning a backcountry canoeing trip to the boundary waters in Minnesota in August. Does anyone have a website or a list of foods that are gluten free and camping friendly? I was recently diagnosed, and not sure about what to bring along on the trip.

  2. 2
    CeliacChick says:

    Hey Maureen- I am going camping in August too and was about to give a shout out to the readers for gluten-free camping recipes. Stay tuned! [I just ordered my allergy friendly marshmallows!- no worries for you though, regular marshmallows are gf]

  3. 3
    Cyndi says:

    I recently attended a family reunion in New Hampshire. My sister and I are on a gluten free diet-so when we heard about Raffertys in North Conway we were very excited! The restaurant was almost 2 hours away from where were staying,but it was well worth the drive.We really enjoyed the food and the dining experience.

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