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Q&A: Where To Find A Gluten-Free Roomy

3 Comments 22 December 2010


I get emailed a lot of really good questions. And, well, you know if one person asks a question, there are probably other people that are asking the same question. So, I’ve decided to share some of these question and answer conversations here. 

Another reason I want to share them here is I know that together we are a huge resource. So, feel free to share your input and infinite wisdom in the comments.

Here goes…

Q: I really want to find a gluten-free roommate. Do you have any suggestions on how I might go about finding one?

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A: I would check out the Celiac Disease Meetups group in your local area. Not only go to a few Meeutups in person and spread the word, but post a message about it on the local group message board. I also would get involved in any local support groups and network. The leaders of these groups usually know a lot of people and are helpful by nature, so seek them out. Check out my Resources page for a list of support groups by state or check with the various celiac disease non-profits for a list of their local groups.

Hope you find a fun roomy!

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    Jenny says:

    I have had this problem too, but I found someone!! I would recommend posting a listing specifically looking for a GF roommate at your local coffee shop, cafe, grocery store particularly an alternative foods shop. I was successful in finding someone at the local college campus who needed to get off the campus meal plan – meaning out of campus living accommodations (how accommodating, right?). Good luck!

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    julius says:

    my girlfriend has celiac and I am learning lots on where to eat.. I am willing and ready to help everyone who has this disease 🙂

  3. 3
    gail mrazek says:

    I’m newly celiac, confused as I must also eliminate soy and corn. That takes away some of my favorite snacks, so does anyone have suggestions? Also suggestions on vitamin brands? thanks!

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