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Get Your Questions Answered

1 Comment 05 December 2012

    Are you thinking about going gluten-free but not sure why, or how? Are you already gluten-free but have some questions about your specific situation? Do you have worries about navigating end of year party scenes and celebrations? I’ve invited Dr. Samantha, gluten-free ND, to join me for a 1 hour no holds barred […]

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Q&A: Celiac Disease Awareness Month Is…?

3 Comments 11 October 2011

Howdy! Today’s question comes in the form of a little quiz. Q: Which month is Celiac Disease Awareness Month? May or October? A: There seems to still be some confusion about this. In the past it has been observed in the United States during the month of October. However, now we are observing it in […]

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Q&A: Tom Petty. Fundraisers. Running.

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Q&A: Tom Petty. Fundraisers. Running.

1 Comment 24 February 2011

Moi taking a break during my 100 mile bike ride. Q: HOW CAN I ORGANIZE MY OWN WALK OR RUN FUNDRAISER? A: So, you want to organize your own run, walk-a-thon, bike century, or if your a little crazy…a triathlon fundraiser? I have good news! It couldn’t be easier!  If you want it to be […]

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Q&A: Where To Find A Gluten-Free Roomy

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Q&A: Where To Find A Gluten-Free Roomy

3 Comments 22 December 2010

Helloooo! I get emailed a lot of really good questions. And, well, you know if one person asks a question, there are probably other people that are asking the same question. So, I’ve decided to share some of these question and answer conversations here.  Another reason I want to share them here is I know […]

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