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In Search Of The Perfect Travel Bag

12 Comments 15 March 2012

travel bag


I’m back from Israel! Well, I’ve been back now for …well…I’m embarrassed to say how long…but, I’m back and ready to blog again!

I missed you! Did you miss me?!  I’ll have to tell you all about my trip soon.

I’ve been meaning to tell you about my Kailo Chic travel bag. I bought it from and I’ve taken it on 2 trips now. I searched and searched for a bag that was both cute and functional, which was not an easy thing to find!

As you know, when you travel gluten-free you need to take snacks and survival food. You know, to just be safe. So, I needed a bag that was big enough to fit:

-my laptop and charger, etc.
-my creature comforts in case my main luggage gets lost
-plenty of food for snacking and/or emergencies
-travel books, flight info, wallet, passport, small digital camera, etc.

I really like this bag because it has ample room for all of these things AND it’s cute enough that I can use it to take places I need to look a little less like a tourist if I need to, let’s say for business, etc. (I usually pack a smaller bag in my suitcase that better suits the needs of a tourist.)

Oh, and there is a handy pocket on one side of the bag that unzips and slips over the handle of your suitcase so you can roll your suitcase with the bag attached to the top of it! I loooove this feature.

The only thing I wish this bag had was wheels and a long handle for rolling that could both be hidden. I have yet to find a bag that you can wheel on its own and adapt for piggybacking on a suitcase.

Hey, it’s not good for your back to be lopsided with all that weight hanging on one side of your body!

If you know of a bag that does both of these things, please let me know!

For now I think the solution is to just bring a little carry-on suitcase to piggyback this bag onto. I usually just check in one large suitcase and bring a large bag with me as a carry-on, but once I check in my suitcase I’m left schlepping my lovely bag around.

And especially after this last trip where someone took off with my suitcase at the airport in Israel, I’m going to carry a few more practical items on the plane with me!  The clean underwear dilemma was averted when they tracked the person down and it turned out to be an innocent mistake. They just didn’t check the name tag and our bags looked identical. Scary! I’m going to plaster my suitcase now with Celiac Chicks bumper stickers! Classy!! Heh Heh!

LESSON: Make sure your suitcase stands out in some obvious way AND pack ample carry-on creature comforts in case your checked suitcase gets lost!

travel bag with laptop

See how roomy it is? There is a padded section for the laptop, a large zippered off section, credit card slots, a key ring hook, a clear see through pocket and a smaller fabric pocket. Two large pockets on each external side. Actually, there are so many sections and pockets that sometimes I can’t find stuff! And since some of you asked, there is a top zipper that seals the whole bag closed.

It doesn’t look like they offer the green bag any more at, but there are a few more styles available. I paid around $70. Uh, once you shop around for decent bags, you’ll realize that this price is actually a bargain!

I found the mocha floral bag for almost half price on Amazon! The other styles are there too, if you can save on shipping with Amazon Prime. I think the purple moroccan one is cute! And the teal leaf one reminds me of a cross between Vera Bradley and Orla Kiely. The black hexagon bag is a little different classic square shape, but looks just as roomy.

And just for fun…check out the cute iphone wallets at Kailo Chic! How handy! (Thanks for designing such a great travel laptop bag Kailo Chic!)

If you already have a bag that you love, but it doesn’t attach to your main piece of luggage, you can just opt for this handy luggage bag bungee strap to attach it to your rolling suitcase and be hands free! It’s only $12.25!

gluten free travel food
 What is it about traveling that makes you have snack attacks?!

I usually like to take some Spanish chorizo, gluten-free rice crackers, nuts and a bunch of protein bars. This time I stocked a ton of Pure Organic bars in my suitcase and my carry on bag and I’m SOOOO glad I did. They came in handy on our tour bus when I needed a snack! If you haven’t tried these yet, the chocolate ones taste like a brownie!! And they are just almond butter, dried fruit, agave sweetened and all organic!

What kind of travel bag do you use and what gluten-free foods do you pack?

OK, that’s it for now…I have soooo much to catch you up on. I’ll be in touch soon!

Happy Travels!

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  1. 1
    Terry says:

    I’ve started using a backpack as my carry-on to save my poor spine the agony of a single-shoulder bag. Also makes it much easier to wrangle my suitcase(s) if both my hands are free.

    As for snacks, I’ve become really fond of Macro Bars, and Zing bars. I always make a sandwich I can schlep onto the plane, though that doesn’t always work when I’m heading home, unless I’m in a city with good gf options! I often bring some cheese and something sweet. And fruit!

      Kelly says:

      Terry…thanks for your tips! I used to be a big backpack fan…but evidently my old lady back can’t handle that either! :/ Hmm…maybe I need to strengthen my core and back muscles at the gym!:)

  2. 2
    Patti says:

    Hi, I have been looking for a bag to travel with, and can’t find what I want. Does this bag have a top zipper? I feel when traveling, that a zippered bag offers more security for you personal items. A hand can be quickly inserted in an unzipped bag in a busy airport/train station.

      Kelly says:

      Hi Patti! Yes!! It has a top zipper! And you are right about being aware of pickpockets when traveling! I’ve added some new links to different fabric options of the bag. Evidently, they don’t make the green anymore. The purple and black one is cute, though!

  3. 3
    Kim McKay says:

    Have you checked out Lug’s selection? They have a TON of amazing, cute, durable bags with more pockets than you can imagine!

  4. 4
    Kelly says:


    OMG!!!! Now this is why I love my readers! Great find! I loooove the Puddle Jumper! {hyperventilating} And it slips over your luggage handle too! And the shoe compartment!!! Wow! And the price is very reasonable! Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. 5
    Aleka says:

    I have a green leopard print backpack on wheels with a retractable pull handle. It has separate compartments for computer, ziplock bag full of prescriptions I need, change of clothes and a bag of GF pretzels, or the like. There is a smaller zip pocket in the front that I fill with small foods and other things I need.

    I always travel with two sizes of zip lock bags. I open the bag of pretzels before I go putting them in a gallon bag. As my travel days wear on I parcel out daily snacks into a quart or snack size ziplock. If I am lucky to find GF food in my travels, I put that in a spare GF bag. I am not a protein bar fan–I’ve never tasted one that doesn’t taste like protein shake flavor. I do take them on trips, none-the-less.

  6. 6
    Kim says:

    Before being GF, when I was motion sick (car, sea, plane) saltine crackers were my go-to “settle your stomach” snack. There are a lot of great GF crackers out there, but for my purpose most are too grainy/nutty or plain but need toppings. My NEW go-to is a bag of Glutino pretzel sticks. On a recent cruise to Alaska, they had wonderful food, even for GF, but no crackers/plain stuff. That bag of pretzels (which we rationed) was indespensible (and from now on I pack MORE).

  7. 7
    Cynnara says:

    When I travel, I either use a backpack or a messenger-style bag. I’ve not found THE bag yet for all my travel needs. I’ve found that it varies depending if I’m on vacation or if I’m going on a research trip.

    Since I’m new to eating gluten-free, I’ve been sticking close to home. But recently, we took a couple of trips and I’ve been making some brownies to take with me and I’ve been looking for good snack bars. I haven’t tried the Pure bars, so those are going on the must try list, particularly the chocolate ones, because well, yes, I love chocolate! *grins* I used to love the Clif bars, so now I’m trying to find a bar similar to those but without the gluten.

  8. 8
    Michelle P. says:

    Just after Thanksgiving I got a great deal on a laptop bag from Pottery Barn Teen. They had a ton of them on clearance for like $10 or $12. It is fantastic. It has plenty of divided pockets, zippered pockets, padded laptop area, etc. plus has a long adjustable shoulder strap so I can wear it across my body to reduce shoulder strain.
    You might check their website once in a while, especially in the fall/winter as they get in all of their new designs for back to school and clearance them out around Thanksgiving/Christmas. I got a cute, plain olive green one, so I wouldn’t say they look “teen” only.

      Kelly says:

      Michelle P.!!! Thank you sooo much for this hot tip! I didn’t even know PB had a “teen” line. I guess I’m out of it ahahha. Looooove some of those styles! The grey and white rolling backpack is adorable…and the jet set duffle…cute! Thanks again!

  9. 9

    Thanks for sharing some tips. Nice post.


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