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The New Infant Study For Celiac Disease

2 Comments 31 May 2016

Join me as I interview pediatric gastroenterologist Maureen Leonard, M.D. from MassGeneral Hospital for Children.  We will discuss the new 500 infant study that will shed more light on what triggers celiac disease. Also, find out how your baby can be part of this study! For more information about this study visit: Celiac Disease Microbiome […]

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Happy Celiac Disease Awareness Month!!

No Comments 12 May 2016

This morning I had the honor of interviewing Alice Bast of BeyondCeliac.org (formerly NFCA). Get the latest scoop on celiac disease and gluten sensitivity and help us to spread the word. Now what? Remember, sharing is caring! 🙂 CLICK HERE to find out more about BeyondCeliac.org’s May awareness initiative #60ForCeliac. There’s another video and some […]

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Gluten Sensitivity vs. Celiac Disease

2 Comments 09 November 2012

Interesting… Since we really don’t know much about gluten sensitivity, it will be interesting to see how research develops moving forward. According to About.com’s celiac disease reporter, a Columbia University Celiac Disease Center research study on the prevalence of non celiac gluten sensitivity came up with 1 out of 200 people, or .55%. The University […]

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Gluten Discussed On Rock Center

1 Comment 03 October 2012

I just received this email and clip from a PR person: Josh Mankiewicz has a report on Gluten that will air on Rock Center with Brian Williams this Thursday at 10p/9c.  Following is an overview and clip, feel free to share. Gluten-free food has become one of the hottest food trends and a booming business. […]

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More Clues To Gluten Sensitivity Revealed

14 Comments 15 August 2012

Here’s a must read article from Whole Living magazine titled Our Daily Bread. Has tinkering with wheat genetically affected our ability to digest it? Is this the reason behind the explosion of people with gluten sensitivity? What about chemical fertilizers? And…note how the processing of grain changes its nutrients. Most people don’t realize that eating […]

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What Is Gluten-Free?

27 Comments 21 May 2012

These are my notes from the private conference call I mentioned I was invited to attend last Thursday with the North American Society for the Study of Celiac Disease (NASSCD). First off, there was a short introduction about the NASSCD. It was founded last year by Dr. Stefano Guandalini, the founder and president of the […]

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Why Gluten-Free? Take The Poll

15 Comments 10 February 2012

Exciting things are going on in the world of gluten related disorders! Did you see this recent article New Guide to Who Really Shouldn’t Eat Gluten in the Wall Street Journal? This isn’t really news to those of us in Gluten-Free World, though. It’s still exciting that we are getting closer to having clear classifications […]

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Daphne Oz Is Gluten-Free!

10 Comments 30 September 2009

The other day I found a detailed 10 page article titled, "Gluten-Free: Is It For Me?" on Oprah.com written by Daphne Oz. "Who the heck is Daphne Oz?", was my first reaction. Well, a little Google investigation led to photos of her with her famous dad Dr. Oz! Yes, the  doctor that visits the Oprah […]

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Gluten Sensitivity Is Real

18 Comments 29 September 2009

So, it turns out the "gold standard" biopsy isn't always so golden. Maybe we should rename it the "old standard"? This is very good news for people that couldn't get a definitive diagnosis of celiac disease, but knew that gluten made them sick. Yes, back in the day you had to just trust your gut. […]

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