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Washtington Post: Advice For Going Gluten-Free With Kids

2 Comments 01 March 2013

Did you see this great article on going gluten-free with kids in the Washington Post?

Click here to read the article: Advice for going gluten-free with kids

I love the artwork in the article! Isn’t it cute?!

What advice do you have for going gluten-free with kids? Please let us know.

And if you know someone that needs help with this, please share this with them. Thx.


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    Liam Rubel says:

    If the parents are unable to understand the child’s difficulties it will be impossible to tackle the consequences. If someone is suffering from the celiac disease especially kids than it is difficult to digest the whole grain foods as their digestive system is small compared to adults. So better make them gluten free.

  2. 2
    Beth says:

    I totally agree it is really hard on the little tummy especially if there is a sensitivity. It was hard for me to understand it at first and I didn’t think gluten could do that much harm but it did. Now I have joined the little one and I am trying to eat gluten free and while I don’t have to do it I definitely notice a difference. Especially when it comes to cross contamination which I think is the hugest problem.

    We did however make it a mission to find a few good gluten free bakeries because we can’t deal with no sweets and that’s made a very happy little gluten free camper.

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