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Gluten Discussed On Rock Center

1 Comment 03 October 2012

I just received this email and clip from a PR person:

Josh Mankiewicz has a report on Gluten that will air on Rock Center with Brian Williams this Thursday at 10p/9c.  Following is an overview and clip, feel free to share.

Gluten-free food has become one of the hottest food trends and a booming business. Celebrities and professional athletes all praise their gluten-free diets. But will giving up gluten help you lose weight? Josh Mankiewicz explores why gluten has become the latest dietary boogeyman. 

I think it will be interesting to see how many “gluten-free experts” step up now with gluten being a super hot topic. Mark Sisson is the guy interviewed in the clip. He’s mainly known for being Paleo – which is gluten-free, but also grain-free.

And did you see the Dr. Oz show last week?

Click here to see the show Is Gluten Secretly Destroying Your Health?

I thought it was interesting that Dr. Neil Barnard was the gluten-free expert doctor. Love him! He’s one of the guest faculty teachers at the Institute For Integrative Nutrition.

What did you think about the show?

OH, and btw, the Oz producers called me about this show.  Yeah, I almost was the lady that shared her experience before and after eating gluten-free. Executive producer said in the end my story wasn’t “fresh” enough.

My cute 70 year old mom was all, “I’m never watching that show AGAIN!!!” hahahaha

I have to be honest…I was a bit relieved I didn’t have to go on national TV and talk about diarrhea. 😉

It’s all good.

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    Aileen says:

    You are always “fresh” enough for us! *hugs*

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