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12 Comments 24 August 2004

We are very pleased to announce our appearance in a fantastic article about celiac disease in the current issue of Time Out New York magazine. Jennifer Romolini, editor of the magazine’s Chill Out section, and a fellow celiac chick, was determined to cover it like she’s always wanted to see it covered … an accurate, understandable description of the disease coupled with a positive spin on the diet that stops the damage and restores our quality of life. She’s totally succeeded. We were honored to have been involved at all .. and like, really freaked out at seeing our names in print! So, it’s on newstands until this Thursday and will be archived on the TONY website in a couple of weeks … we will post it then. As for you NYC celiacs, go and check out this great article. We can only hope for more coverage like this …

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  1. 1
    Jessie says:

    Morning, Celiacs! This article is fanTAStic- chock full of important information- not 2 mornings before had I ingested a BUNCHA soy sauce, and, doubled over in pain the next day, couldn’t figure out why I was hurting so! (Soy sauce is on the ‘bad list’.) I think this is going to be one of the most important articles Time Out has had in a LONG time. Celiac Chicks, get ready for an explosion! You two are changing the world as we SPEAK- how exciting is THAT!?
    with mounds of gluten-free love,

  2. 2
    Beth says:

    Hi Chicks! Very exciting news! But I went to buy TONY last night (Tuesday) and the new edition (up to September 3rd) was already out! So I think I missed it. Can you let us know which edition it is, in case I see one floating around this week? Thanks! Keep up the great work. I am hoping to meet you guys at a meetup…I work at night so it is difficult, but I am going to make it happen!

    Yours, Beth

  3. 3
    erica says:

    Dear Celiac Chicks,
    I just want to say thank you for what you are doing in raising awareness and support for Celiac Disease. I am a fellow Celiac and I am so happy that I found your website through the article in TONY. I couldn’t believe my ears when my girlfriend called me on the phone all excited, to inform me about the article. “Finally!!!” I thought to myself, “there are Celiacs getting the word out!!” It’s not too often that you hear about Celiac Disease. The article was very informative. I live in NYC and was unaware of ANY restaurants that had gluten free menus. I was thrilled to find out that there are places I can go and eat comfortably. I do not dine out comfortably—how can a Celiac not ever worry about gluten contamination? Its a CONSTANT worry for me. As a matter of fact, I just suffered an “attack” 2 days ago, after ordering chicken salad. I had such excruciating pain in my stomach I thought I’d need the hospital. I never cheat…and if I did, it wouldnt be with a boring chicken salad (more like a brownie). So, it was a “double whammy” as I call it since I didnt even enjoy the food all that much anyway (I suspect the chicken may have been lightly dusted with flour before making into chicken salad, with mayo). After my severe knife spasms and cries of pain, I vowed not to eat from that diner ever again.
    I was diagnosed 4 years ago, after going through much of the same problems you also described having. Our stories are similiar. My whole life I had a bad stomach (even when I was 8 years old and my mom would take me to McDonalds, I was the only kid to ever take the bun off the hamburger!! While at the time, I was not diagnosed, it was a “cute” thing that I took the bun off. I had a “thin” mentality, not an intolerance to gluten, which I obviously wasn’t able to verbalize at the time. I guess I didnt feel well after eating the bun so I always took it off. Always!! ) Nobody ever suspected anything remotely close to Celiac Disease until about 4 years ago. I was blessed with a wonderful doctor who took the time to really LISTEN to my symptoms. He saved my life and I have been adjusting ever since. It hasnt been an easy journey. Food has become a 24/7 issue for me.
    I would love to share more stories/ideas/support, etc. about CD. Please write back to me and let me know when you have your support group meetings….I’d like to join. Once again, you guys have done a great job so far! Thanks for the article, which brought a lot of excitement and hope.

  4. 4
    Monica says:

    My mom read your article and forwarded it to me so I can see if it relates to what I’ve been suffering from since I’m 30. I’m now 35 and been living wheat, yeast and gluten free since. It started at the St. Patty’s Day parade — Guiness and whiskey all day with a bagel to end it! Anyway, I had hives and ballooned up so fast, thank God I was near a hospital. Of course, doctors couldn’t tell me anything. I figured it out myself after three years and made my own diet that has been working. Unfortunately, I don’t get the symtoms that I read in your article. It’s mostly the hives and straight into anaphalaxis — did I spell it right? I also had an attack yesterday, the first in three years. I was eating chicken salad, just like the other woman who posted her commment on 8/24/04. I can’t believe it! I thought maybe they cut the chicken on a used cutting board. Who knows. That’s why I always bring food with me everywhere I go. I am an avid heavy metal concert goer and even at very big events, I wear my medi bracelette and tell them they have to allow me to bring my food in. It’s usually written in the event’s rules and regulations section so I print that and bring it with me too.
    I’d really like to come to one of your support meetings and listen to experiences other people have. I’d also like to know whether or not it will be handed down to my kids when I have some.
    I do find it quite funny when people give you the stare when you tell them what you can’t eat!! They think that it’s a great weight loss program, NOT! By the way, is that beer also yeast free? If so, When are we going? Thanks for the oppotunity to let it loose.

  5. 5
    Leslie Moseley Rioux says:

    Dear Celiac Chicks,

    Thank you so much for all this information. I started working with the Gluten Free Restuarant Association during a period of unemployment and I helped out to get Gus’ and Risotteria on the list. I have to say I have eaten at both places MANY times and they are wonderful. There is nothing like being handed a menu that says what you can and can not eat! And then be handed (at Gus’ your own plate of bread that you don’t have to deny or move away from you plate. :))

    This is the strangest thing of all. I had chicken salad this week. And the deli has always told me they use Helmans mayonaise. Well I have been flat on my back and getting really used to my bathroom on this holiday weekend. Just goes to show, you can’t be too careful.

    I found out I had this 4 years ago and I have been helped by Dr. Peter Green and the Westchester support group.

    Would be great to have an NYC group to attend. Do you plan to start one up, and if so, I would be glad to help out.

    Thanks again and thanks to the other celiacs who posted their information!

    Off to make my own chicken salad.


  6. 6
    Richard says:

    Just got back from Walt Disney World in Florida, The Restaurants have Glutten Free Foods. When I spoke to the Waiters/Waitresses they sent over the Chefs who went over the entire menue with me or walked me over to the Buffet.
    It made my vacation stress free and enjoyable.

  7. 7
    Amy says:

    I am 27 years old and think I may have Celiac Disease. Could someone listen to my symptoms and let me know if it sounds possible? I have excruciating pain in my lower abdomen (below my belly button). It feels like someone is cutting me open with a knife. It usually is 24/7 and sometimes gets better when a lay down, and sometimes does not. Sometimes the pain gets worse when I eat — either during eating or right after. My abdomen extends and because very rigid. This pain also extends all the way around my sides and into my back, towards my shoulder blades, and even under my ribcage. Sometimes, I cannot stand to wear clothes because the pain is so bad. It’s on the surface and internally, too. I have been seen by numerous doctors and no one can figure out what’s wrong with me. I’m tired of being in pain and need some help! So, if my symptoms sound like I may have celiac disease, please post a message for me. I welcome any ideas anyone may have.


  8. 8
    Diane Smith says:

    If you come to Chicago two great restaurants have gluten free menus. Da Luciano in River Grove,708-452-3600, call 24 hours ahead. Small family owned Italian restaurant. Wildfire, a chain all over the city advertises and serves fabulous up scale gluten free menu. Diane Smith

  9. 9
    John says:

    Hi Rachel. You sound exactly like me when I accidentally get gluten. The pain kind of moves around for up to a week and a half as my system responds and begins to heal. Swelling in my face and belly, gas under the ribs making breathing hard, back spasms, lower abdomen cramping – I get it all. I’d say definitely get a doctor to check you for other things too as opposed to going GF solely. On the other hand, even if you come back ‘negative’ try the GF diet (lots of people come back false negative.) If it is celiac disease you can look forward to no bloating, no acid reflux and no IBS after around 2-3 weeks on a GF diet. That was my experience at least. I also cut out cane sugar – it gives me similar symptoms. Oh, and I lost 25 pounds when I started GF – without changing my workout routine. 2 years later, my weight’s still perfect. Nice perk, eh. Hope this helps you. -John

  10. 10
    June Anderson says:

    Hi Kelly, I met you at the KH about 2 years ago. You shared this info with me and it is just today that I really ‘got it’. My daughter has had this disease her whole life. If you can call it a life. She has been so miserable. I won’t get into her story right now, but I will say that she has been in and out of the hospital/ ER for over a year. One of the times they almost killed her in there! Never throughout this whole ordeal has anyone said a thing about Celiac Disease !
    I am going to have her look at your site and read about ‘herself’ in all your fellow Celiac Chicks experiences. Thank you for having this site. What a blessing. Will be in touch. June

  11. 11
    christine gruter says:

    Hey Chicks….I spoke with you at the Celiac Fair yesterday. I would like to get a baggy hoodie in either a ladies large or mens medium. Can you please add it to your site? Thanks for your help.

  12. 12
    Michelle says:

    I am going to be tested for cd next week. I have been sick off and on since 1997. I have ended up in the hospital every year with severe adominal pain and low potassium and elevated amalayse and lipase. I usually am on nausea medicine and heavy pain medication for about 3 or 4 days and then released without them really figuring out whats going on. I hope that this journey ends here.

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