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6 Comments 08 April 2010

Wow! Over 50 of you shared your comments about the New York Times Q & A yesterday. The varied experiences you have all had trying to get a proper diagnosis and the reasons why you are on a gluten-free diet are very interesting. The personal stories revealing the diverse health conditions of our gluten-free "community" were riveting and I'm so pleased that many of you have seen dramatic health benefits.

I wanted to add to our discussion that The New York Times has actually raised a lot of awareness about celiac disease with great articles in the last few years. Maybe that is why yesterday's Q & A came as a bit of a surprise.

Well, I think you will all be pleased with the Q & A about celiac disease and gluten-intolerance in today's New York Times.

Can You Be Intolerant To Foods Like Pasta?

I think we are back on track now! Whew! Now we can get back on the party train! 

Any comments?

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6 Comments so far

  1. 1
    Ebony says:

    I appreciate what was said in this article. Quite simply that they don’t know, and that medical science has not come up with a definite set of tests for every situation. But this doesn’t rule out that trying a gluten-free diet could greatly alleviate the problems someone is experiencing.

    This is a much more balanced article than its predecessor.

  2. 2

    After 4 operations on my nerves, 15 years of digestive problems, and months of not being able to feel my arms and my legs, I was all too happy to try going gluten-free. At the time, there was no documented scientific evidence that gluten was the culprit. And yet, every single one of my symptoms disappeared within 2 days of being GF. Only years later did the studies come out confirming the existence of gluten neuropathy and gluten sensitivity. I think we all need to keep an open mind about the possible connections between gluten ingestion and various medical problems. The science is catching up …

  3. 3
    Michele Reynolds says:

    Thanks so much for alerting me to the articles. So glad to read today’s article. People need to learn about gluten sensitivity!!!!!!!I think drug companies benefit from lack of education on GF diets.

    AGA positive and biopsy botched (inconclusive, villi cut improperly, as if you took the middle section of a blade of grass instead of whole blade my specialist said).
    I went gluten free five years ago. The following symptoms stopped!!!!!
    Neurological symptoms (lack of feeling in my hands and stiff low back pain), thyroid cysts and goiter shrank (measure by annual ultrasound) reflux stopped and precancerous areas healed, UTI’s lessened, thinning hair grew back, gastro symptoms ended that were labeled IBS and fibromyalgia gone!
    Still have infertility, endometriosis and some arthritis.
    It only takes three days after having gluten for numbness in hands to return and about a week for hair to begin falling out and muscle pain to return!
    I’m GF for life, much healthier and quite happy now!

  4. 4
    GFree_Miel says:

    I’m definitely glad that they’re owning up to the fact that they can’t be sure whether or not a gluten free diet helps people who are not celiac disease. I think as long as people are feeling better (whether it’s actually because of the lack of gluten in their diet or something else that is sacrificed as a consequence of a gluten free diet) who cares? Of course, if they can get the scientific information on what gluten intolerance might pertain to, that’d be really helpful for these people. I just don’t think that anyone should be discouraged from trying a gluten-free diet if they think it might help.

  5. 5

    The New York Times applies an effect to portraits featured in the newspaper. How could I replicate it inside Photoshop? Or, if the Times uses a specialized in-house filter or something, could you suggest a good effect to give portraits in a newspaper a clear look that looks good in newspaper ink, like the one in the New York Times?

  6. 6
    carl says:

    And yet, every single one of my symptoms disappeared within 2 days of being GF. Only years later did the studies come out confirming the existence of gluten neuropathy and gluten sensitivity.


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