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Gluten-Free Restaurants NYC: Nizza

11 Comments 26 January 2009

Socca Oven Display

Here is a photo of socca (above) from Socca Oven in San Francisco. Unfortunately, Socca Oven is no longer open. See more photos here.

There's a new gluten-free food in town!

Have you ever tasted socca? It's almost like a pizza crust made out of chickpeas. In some places it is known as farinata and cecina. If it had a cousin, Panisse would be his name. 

Nizzo, now a part of the Gluten-Free Restaurant Awareness Program (GFRAP), serves socca! I haven't been able to make it to Nizzo yet, but I was able to eat socca in San Francisco two years ago at Socca Oven and it was AMAZINGLY delicious! I'm anticipating the same deliciousness at Nizzo.

Take a peek at the new gluten free menu at Nizzo.

630 9th Avenue (bet. 44th & 45th St.)

Mark Bittman's recipe for socca
Mark Bittman's recipe for panisse

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  1. 1
    Ellen says:

    I ate at Nizza last night after having read about it at Gluten Free-NYC. It’s really misleading to have a picture of someone else’s Socca when Nizza’s Soccas do not look anything like that. I did like the socca though the puny little cherry tomatoes just rolled off. Nonetheless I am glad to have a gluten free restaurant in the theatre district. The seafood risotto was yummy too!

  2. 2
    Kelly says:

    Ooops! I really need to fix my typo of Nizzo to Nizza. Why do I want to call it that? Especially since I found out Nizzo is a slang word. *sigh* My brain!

  3. 3
    Kelly says:

    Ellen, I’m glad you enjoyed your visit to Nizza and thank you for sharing it with us! I didn’t mean to be misleading…I just wanted to share that I loved socca! I also have always been bummed out about Socca Oven closing and thought the photos would encourage people to try the recipes…since that is the only access to socca that most people will have.
    I plan on checking out Nizza soon and will hopefully get some great shots of their socca to share too.

  4. 4
    Leigh says:

    Nizza is one of my favorite gluten free restaurants in the city. I’ve been having major socca cravings, so I went for socca and eggs on Sunday. So delicious! Also, the staff was super helpful the first time I went and asked for gluten-free options.

  5. 5
    allergicgirl says:

    this sounds great. kelly when are you going?

  6. 6
    Better Bread says:

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  7. 7

    Those look amazing! I just might have to make some today. Unfortuanatly the chickpea flour doesn’t work for me and I live in a small town very far away. But maybe sometime when I visit!
    thanks for the post and the beautiful photo!

  8. 8
    Bernadette says:

    I ate at Nizza last night with my family (my mother also has celiac disease). The staff seemed very prepared and knowledgeable about their menu and gluten free options. The food was delicious and reasonably priced (especially for gluten free food). It was a pleasant dining experience all the way around, size, abeyance, wait staff, and most of all food. I would suggest this to anyone who’s looking for a great new GF place to try out.

  9. 9
    rdc says:

    I work down the street and just noticed this. Very exciting! I usually hop on the train to Mozarelli’s or Risotteria to get my gf Italian fix for lunch. It’ll be nice to enjoy *hot* food for once!

  10. 10
    Leslie says:

    I hosted my “milestone” birthday celebration at Nizza in November 09 and the entire experience -menu planning to paying the tab-was very easy! The owner made every effort to discuss the menu with me and satisfied all my guests food issues. No one knew the entire luncheon was gf. One of my friends was recently diagnosed and lives in NH..she had tears in her eyes when the food was placed on the table. She may have to move back to NY!. Thank you Nizza for a fabulous meal!

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