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Gluten-Free [Red] Velvet Cake Recipe

3 Comments 08 October 2008

Did anyone see the article about celiac disease in the Daily News? It came out on Monday, but I only found out about it on Tuesday due to my Google Alerts. A co-worker of mine mentioned seeing it the other day, but other than that there has been silence.

I thought it was a very nice article. Included was a recipe for [Red] Velvet Cake from the new Gluten-Free Baking With The Culinary Institute Of America cookbook. Is it just me, or is there no red dye in this cake? Not that I’m complaining about missing red dye, but the cake photo is labeled Red Velvet Cake and then the recipe is labeled Velvet Cake with the icing recipe reading Red Velvet Icing. I’m sure it tastes good, whether it is red or not. (Things can happen in the editing room that are beyond the journalists control.)

Oh, and thank you, Rosemary Black, for writing the article and helping out with celiac disease awareness! Also, thanks for the CeliacChicks mention as an "excellent resource." [blush]

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    Hey! That article is great to see! I have been thinking a lot lately on ways we can increase awareness. However, I think they should have been more clear about the fact that gluten free products and gluten free eating/cooking is not ‘second rate’ or ‘decent approximations.’ Don’t you think? So many of us are cooking delicious, gluten-free breads, muffins, cakes, pies, you-name-it 🙂

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    Katya says:

    Red Velvet cake shouldn’t have any red food coloring. The red color comes from a chemical reaction between the acidic vinegar and alkaline cocoa.

  3. 3
    CeliacChick says:

    Lauren- Hello to one of my peeps in PDX!

    Katya- Thank you for teaching me something today. I’ve researched Red Velvet Cake and it turns out that most recipes contain red food coloring, HOWEVER, the history behind the cake is that before more alkaline Dutch process cocoa was available the vinegar and cocoa made a red color and then sometimes people added pureed beets to intensify this. Interesting. It would be fun to make one cake the old fashioned way with the right cocoa to see what it looked like. Hmmm…another recipe to put on the list!
    Thanks again, Katya.

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