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11 Comments 08 April 2009

UPDATE: Whoa! You guys have been very busy mapping! I’m so excited about the response. Just a few friendly reminders:
1. Please check to see that the business you had in mind hasn’t already been listed. Otherwise there will be duplicates and my faulty memory can’t keep track of every listing.
2. Also, please put the address in type and be as detailed in your description as possible. 

Thank you!

I’m sooooo excited!

I made a Celiac Chicks Google map ages ago, but I never shared it with you. Why? I didn’t like the setup where only I could input information. I wanted an interactive map. Besides, one person couldn’t possibly keep up with all of the places that continue to pop up that are serving gluten-free foods.

So, a few months ago I discovered MapMe. It is everything I ever wanted in a map! I created the Celiac Chicks Gluten-Free Map Of The World and now we all can post our favorite gluten-free places anywhere in the world!

And you can even upload photos and video! Oh, and download GPS for free!

In order to share this tool I’ve had these html buttons made just for you! [see below] If you have a blog or website, you can copy the code below the button of your choice and just paste it into your software. I couldn’t decide on just one graphic because I thought they all turned out too cute! (Thank you, Erin and Adam!) I think there is something for everyone. [Now you know why my eyes are red from trying to figure out all of this code. Cue for techies to laugh at me now.]


To help make this more fun I have many yummy gluten-free treats that will be randomly given away by our generous sponsors to “hotspot” posters. Stay tuned for more details coming up. Just get started posting. Some prizes will be awarded to those that post the most places, while other prizes will be given out randomly to any participants regardless of how many “hotspots” they’ve created. (Hint: Can you say, “gluten-free  ho-ho”?)

Because many heads are better than just one, I’d love to hear about any ideas you may have for the map and/or contest. Please feel free to post them as comments here below.

Some people may find MapMe easy to navigate and “intuitive”, others may not. Since I felt like there was a bit of a learning curve, I’ve listed a few directions that hopefully will make it easier for you to navigate.

1. Sign up in order to log in. This will be in the upper left hand corner.

2. After registering you will get a confirmation email. You must then click on the link in the email to confirm. 

3. It’s a little quirky, but the link in your email will take you to the home page of MapMe. Just search for “celiac chicks” to find our map again, or click here to go directly there. If you go directly there, you can now just log in from the map page. 

4. Now you can click on “Suggest Locations” in the top left corner. It is fairly intuitive to use from here on.

5. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE include the actual address of a place in your details. Sure, people can zoom in and figure the location out, but it would be nice to have the exact location listed in the details.

6. LINKS: Feel free to include a link to the business website, but remember, the link will not be live if there is not an http:// in front of the www.whatever address. 

7. HAVE FUN! Feel good about contributing to the community and giving a shout out for your favorite local gluten-free businesses.

8. BE PATIENT. It takes a little patience to navigate this software, so just relax, and think about the possibility of winning some gluten-free treats! 

9. EXPLORE. There are some other fun features on MapMe, so be sure to play around with your profile and/or you can also leave comments if you’d like to leave a review about a specific place. You can also send messages to other users.

10. This is a MODERATED community map. I will be checking in a few times a day to see what new locations people have shared and then let them go live. If there isn’t any funny business then I may make it unmoderated eventually. For now, I’m too scared to let anyone upload just anything. (Remember the message board?!) So, sorry, but you won’t see your posting immediately on the public map. Feel free to send me a quick tweet to check out  your “hotspot” and approve it.

11. BUSINESS OWNERS are welcome to put their own business on the map.

I’m sure there will be a few kinks along the way, but I hope we all can have some fun with this new tool!



<p><a href=””> <img  src=”/images/old/6a00d83451a1c069e201156ffc3999970b-pi.jpg”></a>



<p><a href=””> <img  src=”/images/old/6a00d83451a1c069e201156ffc399f970b-pi.jpg”></a>

<p><a href=””> <img  src=”/images/old/6a00d83451a1c069e201156ffc398f970b-pi.jpg”></a>

<p><a href=””> <img  src=”/images/old/6a00d83451a1c069e201156ffc3993970b-pi.jpg”></a>


</p><p><a href=””> <img  src=”/images/old/6a00d83451a1c069e201156ffc3981970b-pi.jpg”></a></p>

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11 Comments so far

  1. 1
    Kelly says:

    I was afraid the map was all wonky…because it was not loading, but now I can see why!! You have all been busy posting places! I’ll get to moderating asap.

    I think if it acts a little weird it may be because too many people are signed in, makes sense. Just try back in a few if that is the case.

  2. 2
    Karen says:

    I’m excited about this, too! I have added 12 ‘hot spots’ to the map. I am hoping that other people who live or travel in the west will also add some places. I feel like such a pioneer out here, and get soooo excited when I find some new place. Just yesterday, we went to an herb shop looking for an herbal ‘stop smoking’ thing for my husband, and I just about cried for joy when I found out they had frozen Kinniknick english muffins! yes, they are on the map today.

  3. 3
    Karen says:

    oh, and I have to say, that for a person like me, who lives to travel, and travels to live, this idea is great!

  4. 4


    This is sooo cool! You’ve been a busy girl! I love your little celiacchick map graphics. Once I get my blog updated for that kind of stuff, I’m coming back to get one of those. Very cute little chickies. 🙂


  5. 5
    Rachael says:

    Thanks for setting this up! I’ve posted a few of my local spots- can’t wait to see them up on the map. 🙂

    I also posted one of your cute little clickable pictures on my page:

  6. 6
    Leslie says:

    Hi, I’ve posted one hotspot — but it’s not turning up. I first did it on Friday, 5/1 – checked back today to see if it turned up, but still nothing listed for my area. I posted a restaurant called Not Your Average Joe’s in Leesburg, Virginia. I want to add more, but maybe I’m doing something wrong?? I just tried again to post it, thinking that maybe I did do something wrong — but I did all the same steps as listed. Please help!

  7. 7
    Sandy says:

    I just received the Baby Cakes cookbook. I am a little disappointed because the book says gluten-free recipes on the cover but a lot of the recipes have Spelt as the flour. Here in San Diego Spelt is a do not eat if you have celiac or gluten sensitivities. Some are gluten free. Maybe the author needs to make this clear in the sale of her book. And also show how to change those recipes that have Spelt in them.

  8. 8
    Tara says:

    I found this map last week as I started the detailed planning for my trip to New York. I was dismayed to find no makers in the St Louis area, where I live. I’ve started adding them and will pass the map to my friends.

    I’m really excited about the mapping effort. I used to travel a lot for work, and figuring out where to eat was sometimes difficult. This map will be a wonderful resource for travelers or those moving to a new town.

  9. 9
    Brittany says:

    Hey guys! This site is great! I wish I could add to the map. Unfortunately, I live in Oxford, MS where everything is covered with wheat and deep fried. I do not have celiac disease, but my best friend/roommate does. To make things easier for her, I decided to change my eating style as well. I do all of the cooking, so I am always trying to find new things. We have basically no resources in this area other than internet. If anyone out there knows of anything near Oxford, Mississippi please post it!! Have a great day!!

  10. 10
    tresa says:

    Didn’t know if you were aware that Caraba’s has a GF menu too.

  11. 11

    This is a cool thing for those who are looking for gluten free food, they no longer need to look hi and lo for stores that sell those options in their area, all they need is that map. Quite an idea you have here.

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