Gluten-Free Disaster Recovery

1 Comment 29 May 2013

It’s been a little quiet around here while I’ve been trying to find out the best way for us all to help our gluten-free friends in need due to the recent tornado.

I found out from a reliable source that Kids With Food Allergies, a division of AAFA, has arranged for gluten-free, as well as allergy-friendly donations, to be distributed through a local Oklahoma support group.

CLICK HERE for all of the details on where to send your gluten-free and/or allergy-friendly donations.

Thank you!



PS: Can you please help to spread this info? Thx!

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    F. Breland says:

    This is a great idea for a program. When Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast–it was so stressful finding something safe/gluten free to eat. What a great way to ease some of the stress that those great folks in OK are going through!
    BTW-I think that I saw on your website a couple of years ago: a fantastic celiac chicks t-shirt with a skull and wheat stalks (instead of cross bones). It was the best designed celiac t-shirt I have ever seen! The artwork and quality of the graphic print was outstanding. I was unemployed at the time (so many jobs were lost due to Hurricane Katrina) and was unable to purchase it at the time. Please offer this great design again! This t-shirt design was so well done that you could wear it out with a leather jacket and jeans—everyone would think it was a graphic for a professional rock band. So rocker chick cool!
    Thanks for all of the great gluten free tips.

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