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30 Rock Actor In GF Movie

No Comments 07 March 2014

Are you a fan of 30 Rock? Watch this short movie preview to see which actor from 30 Rock is in the cast. PROJECT A short film titled The Curse of Don Scarducci by Chris Fondulas. STORYLINE Basically, what if a mobster was diagnosed with celiac disease? REVIEW Clever! Finally, a professional film project humorously […]

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Inspirational Movie Monday: First Do No Harm

6 Comments 30 July 2012

First Do No Harm starring Meryl Streep What if you had a health condition that could be “cured” or treated by a diet that doctors never told you about it? What if they gave you hard core drugs with side effects instead, and even suggested brain surgery? And then you resisted because it just didn’t […]

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Inspirational Food Movie Monday: Lorenzo’s Oil

3 Comments 23 July 2012

Happy Monday! For several weeks I’m going to be posting inspirational movies that relate to food in some way. I figured suggesting them early in the week on Monday would allow for you to order one to arrive by the weekend, if you wanted to watch one. This week’s movie is going waaaay back to […]

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Celiac Disease Video

10 Comments 30 October 2009

Last year I was contacted by Eric Olson, an NYU film and journalism student. He wanted to center one of his projects around celiac disease and used me as one of his subjects. I never heard back from him so I just forgot about it. It was fun, but I was a little surprised at […]

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