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3 Comments 06 April 2007

We’ve slashed prices at the Chick Couture Awareness Boutique! Some prices are nearly $10.00 lower! We’d like to remind you that a percentage of the proceeds from our online sales will be dispersed in equal amounts among these non-profit celiac disease organizations:

Celiac Center at Columbia University
Celiac Disease Foundation
Celiac Sprue Association
Gluten Intolerance Group
National Foundation For Celiac Awareness

Risotteria is now open again for business. Here is an article from the NYTimes that gives a balanced view of the recent Greenwich Village restaurant situation. We know we’ll soon be going back to enjoy the infamous Risotteria!

After a looong wait, Gus’ Place has re-opened! This was one of the first GFRAP restaurants Kim and I ever went to. In fact, remember our Time Out NY mag interview? It took place with Jennifer Romolini at Gus’ Place. We’ve missed you Gus!

The Suffolk County Vendor Fair is coming up Sunday April 29th. Around 1200+ are expected to attend. Whoa! We’ll see you there.

Ever dream of hiking the entire Appalachian Trail? Kim and I did after reading Bill Bryson’s hilarious  A Walk In The Woods. Gordon McLeod Jenkins, aka The Breadless Horseman, has had the same dream, only he is realizing it as a gluten-free hiker. Read about his adventures along 2,175 miles of trails in his efforts to raise money for Columbia University Celiac Center. You ROCK, Gordon!

As one who lives a gluten-free lifestyle, you might enjoy the romantic story of a girl falling in love with a chef that can fulfill all of her gluten-free culinary dreams. Sound familiar? Well, Karen Morgan’s blog, The Art Of Gluten Free Cooking, offers this theme with an international twist. She married a French trained chef; French, as in schooled at the legendary La Varenne: Ecole de Cuisine in Paris.  They even cooked together last summer at a friend’s gorgeous chateau in the small town of Nans Sous Ste. We look forward to the stories and treats cooked up by Karen and her chef.

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3 Comments so far

  1. 1
    Karen Morgan says:

    You girls rock! Thank you so much for the write up! As you may already know, I have you on my links list as I am an avid fan of yours as well.
    Let’s keep changing the world, one gluten free pastry at a time.

    Kindest Regards,

  2. 2
    Betty Enserink says:

    I have a gluten free cookbook just recently released and can be found on; Barnes&;; and many other sites.
    I was diagnosed with celiac sprue 25 years ago and from then on after having cardboard for bread I started seriously working with other flours and converting gluten recipes to gluten free.
    It is great that you “Celiac Chicks” have started this website I agree with Karen who said “Let’s keep changing the world one GF pastry at a time.”
    Thanks guys and check out my new cookbook.

    Betty Enserink

  3. 3
    Betty Enserink says:

    My new cookbook is “Gluten Free by Grandma, They’ll Never Know if You Don’t Tell.”

    Check it out. The recipes are easy and delicious.

    Betty Enserink

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