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2 Comments 31 March 2005

So, my adrenaline is still pumping from my experience Tuesday. I have to explain first that after we started in August 2003 someone informed us that when Elisabeth Hasselbeck of The View first introduced herself she said something about not eating gluten. This report was confirmed by a few others. I for some reason signed up for tickets to the show only to forget about it. About a month ago,(which was over one year later) to my surprise, two tickets came in the mail!!! So, Kim couldn’t make it but our honorary Celiac Chick, Lydia, accompanied me.  I brought along one of our tshirts (available soon online) as a gift not really knowing how the heck I’d ever get it to Elisabeth, but just in case! The real mission though was to try to either confirm or debunk the urban legend of a celiac celeb.

Kelly & Lydia with The View set in the background

After we found our seats I asked a nearby studio employee how I would go about getting the gift to her. I was flatly refused no doubt due to past crazy fans making demands. So, I was totally disappointed thinking the whole plan was in vain. During one of the commercial breaks Barbara Walters came to our section and chatted it up with the group. Elisabeth remained seated most of the time being that she is almost due with her first baby. I was so frustrated!

We waited patiently through an interview with Bo Derek, Jeff Goldblum, and then a Real Simple editor showing all the amazing household uses for lemon juice. Then at the very end, after they were finished taping, Barbara said to the crowd, "Are there any questions? We’re open to taking questions now." This was my chance!! I waved my arm frantically. Some lady was chosen and just gushed at how amazing they were. Then Barbara asked again, "Are there any questions we can answer?" I waved my arm again. Joy Behar pointed at ME! So I stood up and asked Elisabeth, "Is it true you follow a gluten-free diet?" I didn’t want to say "celiac disease" since it doesn’t really add to the Hollywood image and I could understand someone in showbiz avoiding that term. I guess since they are used to foofy questions they all didn’t hear correctly the word gluten so almost in unison all five of them said, "What?"  I tried another approach, "Do you not eat gluten?"  And she nodded her head and said, "YES. That is true- you too?"   So, I then said, "Yes, and I’d like to let you know about a resource called that tells you where to find gluten-free food in the NY area. " She was so nice and enthusiastic ," OH thank you so much!! I’ll be sure to check it out soon!!" So then I pointed to my tshirt I was wearing and announced that we brought one for her as a gift.  She said, "Oh …thank you so much…I’ll be sure to send someone out in the audience to get it from you…Thank You! "  I could see Star Jones stand in say to her, "What’s that?" and she started to explain , "It’s like an allergy…" Who knows? Maybe it was the topic of conversation back stage.  Most importantly, I wrote a little note that if she ever wanted to help Columbia University’s Celiac Disease Center or the NFCA that I could hook her up. Not that she needs my help!

So, that’s the scoop. The Celiac Celeb rumor is true. Well, at least the part about her not eating gluten!

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    Rachel says:

    I was watching Dr.Phil a long time ago and it was on health and his wife said something about eating gluten-free foods. I dont know if she is celiac but it’s kinda cool.

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    melanoo says:

    I also saw that episode. She is not a celiac, she was doing this “diet” by choice!! Why I don’t must be an L.A. thing. She also is not following it as someone who is a celiac would; she stated right after saying that she eats gluten free, that she ate a particular bread which is not gluten free.(I remember checking this bread after that episode to see if it was something that i could intro into my gluten free foods, and it wasn’t). Must be nice to be able to make the choice and pick and choose when you’re going to be gluten free and when you’re not!

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