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We are constantly surprised when looking at our Google Analytics by what a widespread audience we have. Of course, most of our readers are in the States followed by Canada, the UK and Australia. As if that isn’t shocking enough, somehow readers in Chile, India, Japan, etc. etc. have found us. There is even someone peeking in Pakistan. Unbelievable! So, we were thinking it would be fun if people could contribute their own story of a local restaurant or bakery that serves up gluten-free food, especially in places that we probably won’t be able to get to. What power in numbers we would have to everyone’s benefit! And if there isn’t a local place where you can eat gluten-free treats, what amazing recipe do you treasure and want to share?

We officially invite all of our readers to contribute as guest bloggers on CeliacChicks.com. All you need to do is send an email to CeliacChick@gmail.com with CELIACCHICK STORY in the email heading and include:

  • a link to your digital photos on Flickr
  • your scoop
  • personal contact info
  • recipe/restaurant/bakery contact information

We ask that you not be a business owner or affiliated with a business in any way when submitting a story. Business owners are advised to ask a loyal customer to submit a story to us about them. We do love helping new gluten-free businesses to thrive, but we feel more confident the information will not be slanted if submitted by a customer rather than a business owner. We can not guarantee that we will use every story submitted.

We know there are lots of creative celiac chicks and celiac guys out there and we look forward to hearing from you.  Who knows?  You may get a little "thank you" present in the mail for your good deed in spreading the gluten-free word and making our gluten-free world a little smaller!


We can’t keep up with listing on our sidebar all of the different gluten free bloggers that keep popping up, so if you’d like to be listed on our site, please post the url to your blog and a brief description in the comments section below.

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67 Comments so far

  1. 51

    Living life on the edge…gluten-free! We are a mother/daughter team posting to this blog. We are both gluten sensitive and have been adjusting to life without gluten. We wanted to share the information, tips, recipes and other good things we find, use or make each week at The Gluten-Free Edge http://gfedge.wordpress.com/
    Here’s to healthy gluten-free living!

  2. 52
    Beth says:

    Hi chicks — love your site! Thanks for being a constant resource for information. I’m going to take up your offer and link to my blog, delectablyfree.com. I post gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free and egg-free recipes for those suffering from multiple allergies — or those who aren’t! My goal is to make my recipes enjoyable for all.


  3. 53
    Misterbelly says:

    I’d love to be added to your blogroll and will definitely be adding CC to my blogroll. I’ve been reading your blog forever – love your travel reviews and especially your restaurant reviews. yum!

    My blog is all about gf goodies, reviews, etc.

  4. 54
    amy twomey says:

    a site with recipes all gluten free to share. I also write for the dallas morning news and have been published in their paper on celiac and how to cook on a budget. check out my blog, and add to your blogroll if you like it.
    🙂 amy

  5. 55
    Mollie says:

    I’ve added your amazing website to my new blog, http://www.thealmondflower.com. I post recipes and information about healthy, gluten free cooking. Take a look!

  6. 56
    Chandice says:

    Gluten Free Frenzy is a gluten-free lifestyle website known as the #1 gluten-free giveaway site. We highlight and giveaway great gfree products EVERY Friday! Recipes, restaurant menus, and giveaways are what we are known for. We would love to do a link swap and be included in your blog roll. Thank you so much Celiac Chics!

    Chandice Probst

  7. 57

    My GF cookbook “It’s All Good Without Gluten!” will be out May 2010. My blog is

  8. 58

    I was just diagnosed with NCGI (non-Celiac Gluten Intolerance) two weeks ago, and a friend referred me over to your blog! I’m so excited to read through it. I’ve started to discuss being new to the GF lifestyle and have been posting some recipes and such on my site. I’m so glad to find a community of GF bloggers

  9. 59

    My blog is http://thecuriousbaker.com
    The aim of my blog is to highlight and create gluten free, fun recipes for all to enjoy


    The Curious Baker

  10. 60

    I hope you could get back into posting again.. 🙂 I really miss them..

  11. 61
    Georgianna says:

    Hi All!

    I love this website and the gluten free online community. I recently started blogging to document my new found gluten free life, complete with stories about my relationship with a manager at Panera Bread and my work in the field of autism (very glutenfree friendly!) just to name a few of the topics that come up. I’ll also be commenting on books, articles, research etc!

    Check me out at the website below. The more feedback the better!

  12. 62

    Hi! My name is Kajora Lovely, and I am writing a gluten free blog called Spice Lovely, and the main goal of my blog is to share flavorful gluten and casein free recipes. I have traveled to many different places around the world, and I am bringing the tastes from various countries to the gluten and casein free table. I also do reviews of restaurants that are either gluten and casein free friendly or have gluten free menus. My desire is to encourage those like myself with food allergies or sensitivities to make good, flavorful food at home and inform them on where to find it elsewhere. You can visit my blog at http://spicelovely.blogspot.com/. Thank you!


  13. 63
    Jamee says:

    I am a new Celiac Chick! Just diagnosed 2 weeks ago! I have multiple chronic illnesses so my blog is about life with celiac, endo, & fibromyalgia! Would love to be listed! I’ve just started a new post on Saturdays called “The Celiac Review” where I review GF products or recipes! Here is my url: http://www.anewkindofnormal.com

  14. 64

    Check out my blog, http://www.rawmomhotdogkids.blogspot.com about the struggles us mothers have feeding our children a healthy diet. Not only do I have a diet and lifestyle business, but I am mom who eats a primarily raw diet, have a 10 yr old son with ADHD that is on a gluten-free diet and a 7 yr old daughter. The blog will be an open and honest discussion and also feature recipes and gluten-free products so stay tuned!

  15. 65

    I’m so jealous of your meeting with Spike. I love Top Chef. My blog is called Eat, Drink and Be Gluten-Free at http://www.eatdrinkandbeglutenfree.com . Recipes, reviews and personal experiences.

  16. 66

    Hi Kelly,

    My name is Stephanie. I have been publishing gluten free by nature for several years now for people with celiac/gluten sensitivity and who also are suffering from food sensitivities. I am a mother of 3 children so the vast majority of my recipes are family friendly. I believe it’s not about what we can’t eat. It’s about getting as much nutrition from the foods we CAN. On my site, you’ll find healthy, wholesome, well balanced meal ideas!

    ps – I bake with whole grain flours and un-refined sugar.

  17. 67
    Tiffany says:

    Love your site! Check mine out at glutenfreeplus.com It’s a site full of recipes, useful products, and my own glutenfree themed merchandise1 Thanks for taking a look, please subscribe/leave a comment.

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