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Gluten-Free Giveaways: 1000 Gluten-Free Recipes by Carol Fenster

169 Comments 30 September 2008


***This contest has ended.***

Carol Fenster, author of several gluten-free cookbooks, has been gluten-free for two decades. Her new book, 1,000 Gluten-Free Recipes, is the Big Daddy of the bunch. If there is one thing that you can’t have too many of, it is cookbooks and recipes! Just browsing through this book gives you so many cooking ideas. I’ve tried two of the recipes and they turned out to be really big hits- even at my office full of gluten-gluttons! (Gluten-Free Pizza recipe soon to follow).

This book includes:

172 breakfast, muffin and bread recipes
75 sandwich, salad and soup recipes
106 pasta, grain, bean and vegetable recipes
205 main course recipes
377 cookie, cake, pie, and other dessert recipes, and more!

I’ve always remembered what my cookbook junkie brother, John, once said about buying cookbooks, "If a cookbook costs, let’s say $20-35 dollars, and you get at least one good recipe out of it, it has paid for itself since one meal out would cost the equivalent or more." With 1000 recipes Carol’s book will be paying for itself over and over and over again. What a great investment!

Wiley has offered to give away 2 copies of this book to our faithful readers! I’ve also asked Carol to be available today (September 30th, 2008) to answer your pressing gluten-free cooking questions!

Here’s the deal:


In the comments below, submit your cooking question for Carol. Throughout the day Carol will kindly try to answer your questions within the comments section. Fun, huh? Almost real time chatting with a gluten-free superstar! Her answers will be signed by CAROL in all capital letters so it will be easy to identify them. At the end of the day Carol will select two winnersfrom the comments section to receive a copy of  1,000 Gluten-Free Recipes. If you don’t have a question, I’m sure you can think of something nice or witty to say to Carol in regards to gluten-free cooking.


Need help getting started? Here are some example questions:

" Why does my gluten-free bread sag in the middle?" 

"What is your favorite gluten-free flour, Carol?"

"Have you ever successfully made puff pastry?"

Now go! Don’t be shy. Ask Carol your question. She’s waiting…

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Your Comments

169 Comments so far

  1. 151
    SHARON says:

    What is a good use for the grain teff? I have tried it as a hot cereal, however, was not very satisfying.
    Thank you!

  2. 152
    Jeanette says:

    A lot of the recipes I have that call for brown rice mention using the short grain. I have not been able to find short grain brown rice. Will the long grain brown rice work just as well? Thanks.

  3. 153
    Courtney C says:

    Hi Carol,
    My mom is a Celiac i’m not diagnosed but am on the diet. I plan to get retested soon. I love to bake and i’m always looking for things to make. We have a bag of
    chestnut flour and i was wondering if you have any sugestions on how i can use it? If you have any good Recepies to sugest that would be great thanks!
    Courtney C

  4. 154
    Heather says:

    Hi Carol!
    I love your cookbooks and look forward to your new book, I actually have 2 questions. What mix of flours will you be relying on in this new book? (I’d like to order them now to have ready to start using when the book arrives) Are these all new recipes or just a combo of all your previous recipes with a few new ones thrown in?

  5. 155
    Jean M. says:

    Is there a way to prevent the outside/crust of my bread from being so thick after baking? I have tried reducing the temperature of the oven.

  6. 156
    Cassandra says:

    Have you ever made kolaches?

  7. 157
    Joyce says:

    I really miss the taste of oatmeal and all the things that go into it: cinnamin, sugar, apples, raisins. Have you ever come up with a good oatmeal recipe?

  8. 158
    Shirley says:

    What are your thoughts on Asian rice flour? I use Asian rice flour and cornstarch as my baking flour. I have not had any issues with the Asian rice flour, but do you consider it safe for those who are gluten free?

  9. 159
    Margaret Erath says:

    Hi Carol,

    I’m trying to adapt a recipe that calls for self-rising flour. What flour mix would you recommend to replace self-rising flour in a recipe?


    – Margaret

  10. 160

    Jake – check my blog out for a recipe for these.

    Hmmm….I might have to make some now as this has me craving them.

  11. 161

    My husband and I have pretty much given up on bread; every now and then I get a craving and buy a mix out of 8 mixes (various brands) only 2 have turned out (being cooked all the way). What can I do to cook a GF bread that we can enjoy?

  12. 162
    Linda Walters says:

    I’m having trouble making gluten & yeast free bread that is flavorful. All I get is stuff that falls into crumbs and has very little flavor. I’m a previous baker of regular gluten bread and trying to make the conversion to gluten free bread. Do you have any suggestions?? Help!

  13. 163
    oscarmathey says:

    hi – did you ever get an answer or find something that worked?

  14. 164
    Robin says:

    I am new to the gluten free world and want to stock up on the different types of flours I will need for cooking. Can you tell me what the best ones to get are so I can start to build my pantry and be able to make basic recipes. Thanks so much for your help.

  15. 165
    mary janssen says:

    What is the measurement substitute of Agave nectar for sugar?

  16. 166
    Maxine says:

    Hello Carol, do you do any recipes with wholefoods? ie Quinoa, Chia, coconut sugar , agave etc?

  17. 167
    CassieK says:

    Have you ever made gluten free lefse?

  18. 168
    Elizabeth says:

    Hi, I have chronic pancreatitis (they don’t know what has caused this) so I am on a fat free diet and now I am told to go gluten free. This is very hard to do as many gluten free products are high in fat..Any suggestions as to what I can do. I am getting really bored eating the same thing all the time.


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