Gluten-Free Cookbook: Recipes For An Inspired Life

10 Comments 07 February 2012

La Tartine Gourmande from Unusually Fine on Vimeo.

Beatrice Peltre’s new gluten-free book is out! I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of La Tartine Gourmande: Recipes For An Inspired Life.

If you’re not familiar with Beatrice’s work, she’s a regular contributor to The Boston Globe’s food page, a food photographer and stylist, and a food blogger. Her blog La Tartine Gourmande features her beautiful gluten-free creations and ethereal photos.

The cool thing is she transitioned into gluten-free cooking so her blog doesn’t scream “gluten-free”, but greets you with more of a “Welcome to my Frenchie kitchen that just happens to be gluten-free.”

My copy of this book is due to be delivered soon, but I’m preparing for my big trip to Israel next week, so I probably won’t be able to make anything out of it for a few weeks. I wanted to let you know about this asap in case you were interested in going to any fun book signings that are going on.

Au revoir!

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  1. 1
    Carol says:

    Spell check: On your introduction labelled “Hey” It is spelled Ciao, not “Chow”.

      Kelly says:

      Hey Carol!

      Thank you sooooo much for thoughtfully bringing this to my attention. Seriously! Nice to know I have an angel editor out there and I’m sure my many writing faux pas test your patience.

      I used “Chow” as a sign off because I thought it was a cute play on words. Sounds like ciao, but chow is for food! 😀 Maybe instead of being cute it just makes me look dumb? haha OH well, wouldn’t be the first time! haha

      Thanks again, luv!

  2. 2
    diane says:

    thanks for the heads-up on the book. Enjoy Israel!

      Kelly says:

      Thanks, Diane! I’m a teeny weeny bit nervous, but also super excited to experience all of the history there! mwah!

  3. 3
    Kelly says:

    I came home today and it was in the mailbox waiting for me…gorgeous! And way bigger than I expected. 300+ pages.

  4. 4
    Stephanie says:

    Hi Kelly,

    Thank you so much for keeping us all posted about the wonderful cookbooks coming out this year. It’s so inspiring. Plus, it’s great to have so many choices 🙂

    Have a magical time in Israel!

  5. 5

    Are the recipes gluten type recipes that have been converted or are they naturally gluten free?

    Please support my petition for The Girl Scouts to sell a gluten free and allergen free cookie.

  6. 6

    Great to see gluten free approached from a gourmet perspective. So many recipes for gluten free diets are pedestrian and utilitarian.

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