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10 Comments 17 May 2005


Happy Happy Happy
157 Allen Street
(212) 254-4088

Over the last few months we’ve heard plenty of good things about Happy Happy Happy Bakery on the LES. In fact, we received a lot of very emotionally charged emails about it. After a long stretch of crazy work schedules, we finally made the trip downtown to sample their wares. This bakery only produces gluten-free, wheat-free, lactose/dairy-free, yeast-free, hydrogenated fat-free, and preservative-free goods. And without all of that, they still manage to create very tasty treats! Ingredients are all natural and the kitchen has never ever been exposed to evil gluten, dairy, or yeast … they don’t even offer cow’s milk with coffee, only home-made soy and almond milk! Many items are also vegan.


Shown above are the French Madelines. Kelly’s favorite. These cookies can be used in a beautiful presentation for afternoon tea, and no one would guess that they’re gluten and dairy free! Delicious, with a perfect slight crispiness on the outside and soft and cake-y on the inside. Pictured below is the Fudgy Blackout Cake … on their menu it’s referred to as ‘an intense chocolate treat’, which is an understatement.  If a serious chocolate brownie fix is something you’ve been wanting to check off of your ‘to do’ list, then check it off, baby! I actually had to sit down for a little while to rest after I finished mine.


Happy_x3_cupcakes_1There is a generous selection of cakes available. I also enjoyed the Howling Bog, a pumpkin cake with dried cranberries, cinnamon and walnuts. And, there are cupcakes (pictured left) .. tasty, pop-in-your-mouth-size with chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry icing. There’s plenty more in the way of cookies, tarts and scones. Special occasion layered cakes can be made to order, and they’ll even omit certain ingredients upon request, if possible.  Happy Happy Happy will start to ship their goods next month! Sign up for their mailing list to receive the official announcement.

Well friends, it looks like we have ourselves a Manhattan GF bakery at last.
And this makes us more than just a little happy …

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10 Comments so far

  1. 1
    Erin says:

    Happy Happy Happy is worth the trip downtown. The employees are super knowledgeable and happy to tell you all ingredients in each product. The Fudgy Blackout cake, madelines, and cupcakes were all delicious. They were working on three wedding cakes at the time and I thought this was a dream come true. I always envisioned having to bake my own wedding cake, now I know where to go. I highly suggest checking out this bakery.

  2. 2
    laura says:

    happy happy happy is an oasis of salivation, hope, comfort, and friendliness.

    it is a bakery suitable for all humans.

  3. 3
    jennifer says:

    My boyfriend surprised me with an amazing GF chocolate cake from Happy, Happy, Happy on my birthday in March. They made us a huge cake that served 50 people and looked beautiful and tasted rich and fudgey and not dry at all. I felt like I did before I had celiac—when cake was something to be shared and enjoyed.

    Tell everyone you know about this place, we don’t want to lose it.

  4. 4
    mrsmogul says:

    I will have to check that out next I come home for a visit!!

  5. 5
    sezin says:

    i just had my first dosa at Hampton Chutney Co and i am hooked! they are so delicious that you think they can’t be gluten free but they are. happy happy happy is next on my list. all you celiacs in the New York area, run don’t walk to Hampton Chutney Co.

  6. 6
    alexandra Newmark says:


    i am getting married and am looking for a bakery to make 200 gf cupcakes.
    can anyone recommend one?

  7. 7
    Su says:

    Amazing gf-dairy-free icing on those little cupcakes! And the Italian tea cookies made my day…

  8. 8
    Natalka says:

    Happy Happy Happy has closed its retail store. As of April 25, 2006 Happy Happy Happy’s Web Store will be closed. All wedding cake and catering orders already placed with Happy Happy Happy will be fulfilled thru July 2, 2006. On July 3, 2006 Happy Happy Happy will cease its catering operations.
    The company provides an explanation of the closing on their website…although I find the explanation poor. Everytime I went in there it was packed. I guess they don’t want to sustain a small business but rather grow into a large one…and it isn’t possible within the celiac community. It is a shame. They made some of the best desserts I ever tasted.

  9. 9
    annie seaton says:

    I am really shocked that Happy to the Third Power has closed. I think that if they’d figured out a way to market to Whole Foods/The Park Slope Food Coop, and a few other outlets, they would have definitely stayed alive. Their location was HORRIBLE, in the worst part of the lower east side, but if they had figured out how to get their product into other retail outlets, they’d still be around. I tried to talk to the manager about it. Hell, I would have been his marketing person, for free. What are we going to do? I am totally at a loss. Does gluten free bakery stuff like this even exist anyplace else in the country?

  10. 10
    Jon says:


    I am curious to see what has happened…did you close? I just saw Big Idea (10/3/08)and looked you up. What’s the deal? It seems like a awesome idea!

    What sparked my interest is where I live. I live in Monmouth County NJ, by Red Bank. The residents in the area are rich…bon jovi, Max Winburg (connan Obrien show) Blonde, most people here work in the city and downtown Redbank is the place to be. I think Happy Happy Happy would be a good asset here.

    I have a freind who might be interested in a franchise….

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