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Arizona: The Matrix

4 Comments 17 July 2005



Aspire Market
16455 N. Scottsdale Road
Suite 107
Scottsdale, AZ

Newly opened Aspire Market is the creation of husband and wife team Keith Kosco and Debbie Shapos. They have brought together several new dimensions of dietary shopping in order to elevate this usually burdensome experience to one of pure pleasure. Imagine shopping where the tagline is "where diet means delicious!"

Upon arrival you’ll enter a space with the slick interior of a snazzy health food megastore yet on a smaller more customized scale. There is a concierge desk where someone either well informed or with a background in nutrition will help you with your special diet shopping spree. There you will be shown a code for whatever diet needs you have. For example, gluten-free is #5 and dairy-free is the letter D. Then all you do is look for products with those codes! As if that isn’t enough to get you excited, there is a nutritional analysis matrix label system so you can really know what you’re eating. You can even bring in favorite family recipes, have them give you a nutritional analysis, convert the recipe to suit your diet needs and then receive it back with the new and improved nutritional analysis! Most people may think this is above and beyond what they need, but for certain diet situations that either complicate gluten issues or for other health needs, in particular let’s say diabetes, this service makes dieting a lot easier.

With close to 1800 gluten-free items to choose from you will be overwhelmed with celiac-friendly choices. They boast the largest selection of gluten-free pasta you’ve ever seen. There are products there that I have never even heard of or that are so new I have not been able to try them yet. Hard to get products such as Queen Elizabeth Cake from Canadian Glutino, Fabe’s Vegan Apple Crumb Cake, and even  a brand of gluten-free muffin tops tempted me from the shelves! A really big bakery case filled mostly with fresh gluten-free baked goods shines in the front of the store.



Of course a gig this together has many other offerings to make you smile such as catering services, cooking demonstrations and samplings, along with foods made to order.  You can rest assured and eat in peace knowing that Michelle Richter-Dudash a registered dietician and Cordon Bleu chef made your food! They even can flash freeze meals for shipping that will last for 90 days with no nutritional compromise! Aspire Market is such an exciting concept and reality that I have to write a separate piece just about their baked goods! Let’s hope they go national and in the meantime you can order via phone and as soon as this fall you can order online.

Below are some of Debbie’s gluten-free specialty food recommendations:

  • Bionaturae pasta
  • Sassy Sauce
  • Cherith Valley Sauces -"Wonderful! Especially the Tamarind Bourbon BBQ."
  • Yarra Valley Cheese- a trinagular shaped pear hazelnut cheese spread
  • Vino de Milo – spaghetti sauces that won the 2004 NNFA Fancy Food Award
  • The Art Of Spice- rubs that with blow your mind
  • Cuisine Perel- vinegars that celebrate the marriage of food and wine
  • GF Pantry Crisp and Crumble
  • Dietary Specialties brand- ravioli’s, ravioletti, dinosaur chicken nuggets (these are now cheaper to buy from Aspire Market than directly from Dietary Specialties!)

written by Kelly

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  1. 1
    Stephani says:

    At what point do you think you will be opening a store in the NY area (Long Island)? What a great Concept you have!

  2. 2
    Lindy says:

    FYI: a new gluten-free bakery about to launch and (perhaps?) an invitation to N. CA?

    “Alison St. Sure” wrote:
    Thanks for the suggested sites. I do get the Celiac Chicks emails — I wish they reviewed places in the Bay Area!

    Alison St. Sure
    Sure Foods Market

  3. 3
    mike says:

    Hey i thought id let you know i found this cool website. It looks like they carry a wide variety of GF and some GFCF products.

    the site is

  4. 4
    Terri says:

    I recently found out that “Aspire” market, in Scottsdale, closed. I was shocked and very disapointed! I can’t find my favorite pasta anywhere else. It comes from Italy and is simply the best gluten-free pasta I have ever tried. Their web-site is totally in Itallian, so I haven’t a clue how to order anything from them or how to find it. It is called Bi-Aglut. Help?

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