A Fabulous Gluten-Free Bakery Has Arrived In Brooklyn!

6 Comments 15 January 2004

Josef’s Gluten-Free Bakery
194 South 8th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Oh boy, have we found a special place … Josef’s Gluten-Free Bakery. Josef and his mother, Devorah opened their bakery 8 months ago. Josef is wheat-intolerant and was inspired to produce good quality tasty GF baked goods. We headed over during one of those blizzards, and essentially had the place to ourselves. Josef couldn’t have been a nicer guy … he enthusiastically began spreading out all of his wares for us to sample. Josef’s Bakery is O.U. Certified Kosher. To comply with Kosher standards, everything he bakes is dairy-free. Also, he’s sugar-conscious and uses substitutes like honey or nothing at all. Take the Almond Muffins for instance; no sugar, just a little honey is used and the natural sweet flavor of almond makes them taste divine (Josef had us try these WARM … too good). Speaking of nuts, he also had us try his Pecan Cookies, which exploded with overwhelming pecan-y flavor. There were lemony lemon rolls, jelly rolls, garlic bread that contained no butter, but somehow tasted like it contained tons of butter, a huge cookie selection (chocolate chip, butter, sugar, pecan), muffins, and bagels, yes BAGELS. Needless to say, Kelly and I were mostly speechless, wide-eyed, and chewing. And if you can stand anymore good news, I’ll have to mention the frozen pizza crusts.

Bette Hagman’s name came up while sharing GF baking stories, and it was then that we found out that Josef is also a Bette fan and actually had somehow acquired the number to the secret Bette Bat Phone and actually spoke with her about coming to New York for a possible speaking engagement! We were very impressed, and might work with Josef to make this happen.

Josef’s Bakery also stocks many GF products like pasta, flour, etc. For those of us in the New York area, let’s make sure to support this very special place. You know how exciting it is to find really good tasting GF goods, so support support support!

Josef's Storefront

Josef's Products

More Josef's Products
Clockwise, L to R: Apple Bread (make sure to buy this, it’s incredible), Garlic Toast, Sugar Cookies, Jelly Roll, Chocolate Chip Cookies

Still More Josef's Products
That’s a partially eaten bagel on the right … yum.

Josef's Pizza
Later, I made pizza!

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6 Comments so far

  1. 1
    William Lynn says:

    Very nice coverage. I’m sorry I’m not in New York right now!

  2. 2
    Amy says:

    Next vacation NY!

  3. 3
    Ellen says:

    What a thrill to discover this on your web site! I can’t wait to visit.

  4. 4
    peninah says:

    It’s amazing. I discovered Josef’s last weekend. I live nearby and have been gluten-free for several months and it just got easier! It’s a great, friendly store. I believe Josef’s mother was there when I was. She insisted on my tasting everything and it was wonderful! They have lots of other goodies, such as Ener-G. If you are looking for kosher, this is the place, but *always* check for a recent hescher! Thanks for the great site! I would’ve found this wonderful jem of Brooklyn earlier if I had remembered to look. If you want to get there by public transport, take the Q to avenue M and walk up to 17th St.

  5. 5
    mimi says:

    I purchased a loaf of Apple Bread at Stauffer’s of Kissel Hill in Pa. while traveling. Its the best I’ve tasted yet.

  6. 6
    lorraine says:

    This bakery is no longer there. just came from looking for it and another bakery is in its place, not gluten-free.
    sorry no fowarding address noted

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