Hi! I’m Kelly Courson. Nice to meet you!

I know what it’s like to try and figure out how to eat gluten-free all on your own.

Back in 1996, thanks to a Prevention Magazine article about celiac disease (and thank you, Mom!) , I was able to connect all of my mysterious symptoms that had left multiple doctors baffled. Yes, the malaise, digestive woe and nasty looking dermatitis herpetiformis sores all over my face were related. I immediately started a gluten-free diet that changed my life dramatically for the better.

I also discovered that I was allergic to dairy and corn along the way. Bummer!

But, because I experienced such an extremely positive physical difference by eating gluten-, corn- and dairy-free, I’ve maintained a fairly positive view of the diet and I even find it fun discovering new gluten-free foods and learning about food, nutrition and cooking in general.

I’m even kinda glad that I was forced into eating more whole foods rather than staying stuck eating the Standard American Diet made up of processed foods.

After having fun helping my worldwide gluten-free audience to find the best gluten-free products, restaurants, recipes, accurate information, and more since 2003, I went to school to learn more about nutrition and how to professionally coach people through diet and lifestyle changes.

While at school, I cured my life-long seasonal allergies and year-round antihistamine habit just by tweaking a few more things in my diet. I’ll never forget the day I walked outside to find my car covered in pollen and I wasn’t sneezing my head off or on drugs! Food truly is powerful!

So, let’s stay in touch and I’ll keep you informed about the latest and greatest in our fast changing gluten-free world!

Talk soon!

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After a few years of being the gluten-free oddball, I made a crazy fun new friend at work in New York City, Kim Danyluk, and it turned out she was also gluten-free! What a cowinkidink! We had so much fun making treats for each other, sharing scoop about new products, and discovering new hip gluten-free friendly places to dine.

At the time, in all of our research through books or online resources, we sort of wished there was more enthusiasm. We felt there was room on the internet for a site that was informative and entertaining that would help people deal with adapting to and living with a gluten-free diet. We personally knew that it didn’t have to be drag! So, in August of 2003, the blog Celiac Chicks was born as a way for us to share our gluten-free discoveries and hopefully save people like you the trouble of trial and error. We weren’t going to just be a boring list of places and things, we were going to seriously road test anything we put on the site.

At first we thought we were just hanging out having a good time all by ourselves in cyberspace, but it didn’t take long before we started to receive positive mainstream press and even invitations to speak at places like Columbia University and at a Celiac Sprue Association event in DC. Over the years we’ve been honored by many mentions in a variety of publications including Newsweek magazine, the New York Times, and The Washington Post.

After giving it a good run for many years, Kim moved on to other projects, like climbing the corporate ladder, getting married, and completely remodeling a fixer upper. So, I’m pretty much a one woman show now, but Kim is still behind the scenes here and there with encouragement and feedback when creative flow hits her.

Me on the other hand? I don’t think I could quit if I tried! Watching the wave of celiac disease and gluten-sensitivity awareness rise over the years along with watching the gluten-free market explode has just been too much fun!

And you know what I treasure the most about the journey that has resulted from creating Celiac Chicks? All of the amazing people that I’ve been able to meet. People like you! Seriously. Your comments and heartfelt emails mean a lot to me. Celiac Chicks has really become more than I ever imagined, a community, a network of gluten-free friends.

So, thanks for stopping by. Please, don’t be shy, share a comment or let me know what you would like to see more of here. Know about an amazing new gluten-free food or place to eat? Let’s talk, I love hot tips and guest bloggers!

Peace, love, and gluten-free fun….


Kelly and Kim


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Kelly Courson


Thanks for stopping by! I'm Kelly Courson and this is where I've shared my gluten-free finds since 2003. The world has been my gluten-free oyster for 14 years now and I love sharing what I've learned in order to help others adapt to a gluten-free diet. Have a look around and feel free to leave a comment. Connecting with people like you is what has kept me going this long! Seriously.

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